Escrivá’s ministry receives the largest share and Garzón’s is the one that receives the least



The Government has delivered today in Congress
the yellow book with the General State Budgets 2022
, an account with a non-financial expenditure ceiling set at 196,142 million euros, compared to 196,097 million in 2021. Likewise, a total of 27,633 million of expenses associated with European funds is incorporated. Within the package of the State destined to the ministries, All the departments will have a greater endowment than in the previous year, except for Health, Universities and Labor. In the latter, given the evolution of the health crisis, the items are cut, returning to levels more in line with the pre-pandemic scenario.

If we look at the items in absolute figures, the main endowment is taken by the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security, up to 15,322 million euros. In addition, here is added an extraordinary transfer of 18,398 million euros planned by the State to guarantee pensions, which increases the total amount by 32.1% with respect to the 2021 Budget. The Inclusion is followed by the Ministry of Transport, with about 13,330 million euros, 16.2% more. The third place in terms of amount is for the Ministry of the Interior, which receives a total of 9,362 million euros, 5.1% more.

In the queue is the Ministry of Consumption, which is once again the department with the lowest budget allocation -barely 60 million euros- and despite the fact that the funds allocated soar 46.7% compared to 2021, when it only had 41 million euros. However, in percentage and relative terms, the highest rise is for the Ministry of Industry, 82.9%, and with an endowment of 4,382 million euros thanks to the push of European funds.

The Ministry of Equality will receive an allocation of 516 million euros, 14.4% more than in the previous year after having shot up 157.2% in the previous year. From the Ministry of Finance they assure that “feminism crosses and permeates the entire Budget” since practically 90% of the programs that make up the Budgets for 2022 contribute to the fight to close the gender gap.


On the contrary, and unlike most ministries, the budget allocation in the Ministry of Labor decreases due to the lower amount of unemployment benefits and due to a lower impact of the allocation for ERTE. If the amount for the SEPE is discounted – which is reduced by 85% and reaches 672 million – the spending for the ministry led by Yolanda Díaz suffers a 10.6% snip, up to 1,606 million euros.

The best evolution of the pandemic is also noticeable in the accounts of the Ministry of Health, which are cut by 17.3%, up to 2,828 million euros. For its part, the reduction in staffing at the Ministry of Universities is recorded at 6.9%, to 431 million. In addition, in the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the budget drops 27.5%, to 6,047 million, while that of the electricity sector increases 2.7%, to 3,695 million.

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