Everybody loves Isabel

It was twelve thirty in the afternoon. Oh, how terrible twelve thirty. It was twelve thirty by all clocks! It was half past twelve in the shade of the afternoon! The bells of Our Lady of Monteolivete rang for Ayuso at half past twelve in the afternoon. And then she appeared, getting out of a taxi, waving like Evita in a musical, opening the cameras as she passed like a Moisés de Chamberí shouting “president, president.” Others had passed before, but the charism is distributed by God and it is seen that some of them took everything. There is no doubt that it has a pull. The polls say it, but the rank and file also say it. All the world

loves Isabel, as Loquillo used to say. The song is relevant: «Never pity her, she won’t find out. For his brittle laugh hurts more than a beating, enters your pride and hits you. And you feel like a bastard ». I would listen to the Fool.

Inside the auditorium, Rasmussen spoke at that time about the difference between democracy and autocracy and the importance of Spain on the international stage and some of them almost laughed, I saw it. But we were all more aware of what was outside, from Valencia, which has a special color. Valencia is white, like Ruano’s loneliness. But it is a different target, a nuclear target, the kind that bounces off buildings and gives you back a hospice sun. The light also bounces off those ‘pepero’ blue canvases that fill the City of Arts and Sciences, a Klein blue, more indigo and intense than ever. And then the convention is colored as a last chance. The target of Valencia is more Sorolla than Soraya and that is why it marries well with Casado, who acted as host, star, father, son and Holy Spirit in a convention that, no one should be surprised at this point, has as the only objective to launch his presidential image on the road to La Moncloa. Show unity, shut down suspicions, and unite the party around strong leadership. Because the PP is used to that, to strong leaderships, to clear paths, to recognizable projects. And when that is not perceived, there is no match. And, as García Egea says, “without a party there is no government.” He said it himself after appearing on stage to the chords of Europe’s ‘The final Countdown’. The countdown. Well. What we don’t know is why.

And Teo tells us the story. Because Teo has a mission and it is to emphasize that Casado is in charge, that you have to be united, that in the PP there are no glittering stars, no single verses or personal projects, which, obviously, means that there are. And more than one. But Teo warns that they must be united around a project, a vision, and some founding principles. And a leader, which is what we are going for. United around Casado. Remarkable is the dismissal of Ayuso by Teo, which resonated with force by the Turia and which I do not believe is causal. The Madrilenian did not have an express mention on the part of the general secretary, but, even so, she received her ovation when she appeared on the screen.

Ovation and greetings for the rest of the economic presidents, especially strong for Moreno Bonilla who, if he usually reminds me of Morante shaved, today more. It is seen that the Sevillians present were hot after yesterday’s mess of the genius of La Puebla in La Maestranza. He missed the return to the ring on the way to the table of regional presidents, in which, again, the interest was in the words of Díaz Ayuso. And in her gestures, which say more than they are silent because, for better and for worse, Isabel is transparent and her thoughts are subtitled.

But it just seems like it. Others are seen. And it is that, in the turn to speak of the Madrid president, we could see how Casado evidently held the arm of former Mexican president Felipe Calderón to prevent him from standing up and thus joining a large part of the audience in a thunderous ovation to leader. And then Ayuso took up his rifle. In an intelligent and measured speech, she made it clear that she was at Casado’s disposal, that she was grateful to him, to his trust in her, to his leadership, to his teachings and to his project, which he assumed and shared. And thunderous ovation, of course, this time yes, standing ovation, applauding Casado thanks to Ayuso’s generosity. Sometimes everything seems so easy that such abrupt mistakes are not understood against such a large asset for the PP. If the objective was not to give it prominence, of course, they have not succeeded. Coldness heals with truth and over-calculation with genuine generosity. And, as the culmination of the morning, brotherhood meal of Married with the barons and ‘the barona’. Rice with stuff, I guess. And for more than one, things are choking today.


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