Everything prepared to know who will be the new rector of the UCLM this Thursday

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The professors of Financial and Tax Law Miguel Ángel Collado and of Animal Production Julián Garde, candidates for the elections to rector of the Castilla-La Mancha university (UCLM), face their last day of campaign on Wednesday before the rector elections, scheduled for this Thursday.

The electoral calendar establishes that the electoral campaign will last until the day before the voting, which can be held between 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., at the 37 polling stations that the General Secretariat of the academic institution has arranged.

These tables are distributed in the different university campuses, thus, in the Albacete and Toledo campuses, 10 polling stations will be opened in each of them, 12 will be opened on the Ciudad Real campus and 5 will be available to voters on campus from Cuenca.

The entire university community is called to these votes in four sectors: PhD professors with permanent ties to the university, professors not belonging to the previous group, students and research personnel in training, and administration and services personnel.

Voting will be carried out, according to the process chosen by the rector consulted by Efe, under strict preventive measures to avoid contagion of covid-19, which have been designed specifically for this election day.

Throughout the electoral campaign, the two candidates Julián Garde and Miguel Ángel Collado have been busy visiting the different university campuses in the region where they have held meetings with all the groups that are part of the educational community.

During these visits, both have presented the main strategic lines of their electoral program.

In the case of Collado, he recalled that he presented his candidacy for the last re-election as rector of the UCLM with the commitment to finalize the pending and unfinished projects that he assumed four years ago and with the illusion of tackling new initiatives that allow the institution academic to continue advancing in the fulfillment of the different missions entrusted to it.

Collado has presented a government program based on 500 measures that he has articulated in 19 axes, in which he makes known his vision of the university model that is needed and the principles and values ​​that inspire him.

It is, according to these days of the campaign, a project to continue advancing with quality, proximity and commitment that encompasses all the missions of the university, with direct actions focused on all the members that make up the institution.

Julián Garde, for his part, has been explaining his intention to commit himself to directing an exciting project that is feasible and realistic, that does not generate false expectations, and that has the necessary transversality to allow all the people who are part of the UCLM to participate. of him, that he values ​​everything that has been done well, and that on this he promotes improvements and new consensus that allow us to move towards new opportunities.

With this objective, he recalled, he has designed a program for the next four years with proposals that are structured in ten challenges referred to three areas: people, the missions of the university and responses to opportunities that arise in the new scenario.

Garde has revealed during the electoral campaign that it is a participatory program, because it has been configured thanks to the multiple contributions received from all the groups in recent weeks, although it is an open document that continues to be enriched by the suggestions that have been made. receiving during these meetings and that it will remain so not only in the campaign period, but later when it has to be implanted.

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