Failure of the CUP in its protest against the dialogue table




It was Carles Riera, CUP deputy, who announced that his party was calling a protest against the meeting of the dialogue table because “only with struggle and mobilization conditions are created to force negotiation”, but the anti-system failed in their pretensions, in line with the very visible loss of strength of the independence movement in the street in recent years. This time, the so-called pro-independence left could not show muscle either. First, by the police armor of Plaça Sant Jaume, where the Palau de la Generalitat is located and the first meeting of the aforementioned table was held.

A large deployment of the Mossos d’Esquadra prevented access to the area, and barely a hundred people gathered in the surrounding streets. Young mostly. Under a banner with the slogan ‘Neither pacts, nor resignations’, they sang already common chants such as “ERC and Junts, patience has run out” or “out of the occupation forces” – alluding to the Catalan police.

From Calle Fernando, which leads to Sant Jaume, spokespersons for youth organizations of the pro-independence left reproached Aragonès for participating in a meeting in which “amnesty and self-determination have not been addressed.” “It is a way of feeding the State reform path,” criticized Lluc Gayà, a member of Endavant.

In parallel, many residents in the center of Barcelona regretted having to make detours to access their homes or jobs, like a teacher who encountered the police cordon when she went to her classes. Just a few meters away, in Portal del Ángel, commercial activity continued unaffected, and brought together many more pedestrians than the anti-system protest.

It was after seven thirty when the Mossos withdrew and the protesters were able to access the square, where two of them waved stellate flags and a woman raised a sign to demand the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (DUI). Another of the concentrates, a man dressed in a yellow shirt and straw hat, began to shout the names of those whom sovereignty considers ‘reprisals’, from the thirteen CDRs prosecuted for terrorism by the National Court, to the ‘procés’ prisoners. Beside him, a group of women unfurled a banner demanding the acquittal of the defendants. One of them read a manifesto on his behalf to criticize an alleged “repression” against the defendants. To support it, a few dozen people with signs reading “The State is a terrorist.” “We are all CDR,” they chanted to culminate a ‘performance’, without a trace of charges from the CUP.


Yesterday was another call failure that he already saw in other appointments, such as the one that independentist radicals organized to receive the King last June, in his appointment with the Círculo de Economía. Although the Catalan National Assembly called to show a “massive rejection” of the Crown, on that occasion, more than a hundred protesters did not attend in the vicinity of the Vela hotel, where the conference was held.

The penultimate jab of sovereignty was experienced during the Diada when, despite congregating thousands of people in the streets of the center of Barcelona, ​​the figure was far from those exhibited in previous years.

What is beginning to become a tonic are the altercations at the end of the calls, although it was not the case yesterday. Yes, on September 11, when during the Diada mani, some congregants decided to end their tour in front of the National Police Headquarters, in Vía Layetana, where they threw smoke cans, bottles, cans and other objects at the agents who were watching for the security of the building. Some indicentes that culminated with two detainees, one of them a minor. Minor incidents if compared, yes, with the siege experienced on previous occasions, as happened after the sentence against the leaders of the procés in October 2019.

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