Farewell to the Alcazar priest Longinos Abengózar, Favorite Son of Alcázar

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The mayoress of Alcázar de San Juan, Rosa Melchor, participated in Aracena (Huelva) in the tribute that the town paid to its parish priest, the alcazareño, Longinos Abengózar, who has served there for 37 years. In the act, the priest received the surprise of the performance of Coros y Danzas de Alcázar that he did not suspect, which managed to visibly move him on stage saying that he saw his dream come true, since he dreamed of this visit for a long time.

The deputy mayor and regional deputy also traveled with the Alcazar delegation, Ana Isabel Abengózar. The entire group that traveled from Alcázar participated in the farewell tribute that Aracena paid to the one who has been its parish priest for the last 37 years, in which, in addition to the mayor of Alcázar and the mayor of Aracena, Manuel Guerra, groups of Sevillian folklore, the Aracena Music Band, and representatives of the associations, with which he has worked, and of the Brotherhood to which he has belonged intervened. An endearing act to say goodbye to this parish priest whose kindness and tireless work have stood out.

The mayor of Alcázar, Rosa Melchor, in her speech highlighted that Longinos is Alcázar’s Favorite Son. He was grateful that Aracena recognizes the professional and personal trajectory, which from his appreciation, has always been marked by his generous availability, tireless apostolic work highlighted by his dedication; And for this reason, he considers, he is receiving a great deal of recognition. He described him as a good man, who transmits joy and kindness in his close relationship.

The mayoress said that Longinos has felt himself from Alcazar and has carried Alcázar in his heart; He has participated in the celebrations around the Virgin of the Rosary, and the Faith that he professes in her, his Faith, the one that characterizes him and the one that has managed to infect an entire people, infect in the way of loving the Virgin of the Rosario, Patron Saint of Alcázar. He pointed out that: the footprint of this Aracena town in Alcázar is well noticeable, since the people of La Mancha are less expressive.

His 37 years of service have served for which the Church of the Assumption, five centuries later, can be finished, explained the mayor, since it has managed to count on the collaboration of the city council and how much aid has been necessary. Returning to his other land, Alcázar, it is remarkable and notorious that he feels love for our people, and for our patron, he affirmed.

After the surprise performance of the Choirs and Dances of Alcázar, an excited Longinos took the stage, expressing how many times he has dreamed of this: «To twin Aracena with Alcázar through San Blas, (patron of Aracena and with tradition in Alcázar) and bring the choirs and dances of my town The pity is that this dream has come true when I am no longer a parish priest of Aracena. But the lord pays you when he wants. He emphasized the importance of help, the collaboration between all of us to carry the cross that God gives us «when I saw the mayor, how could I have thought that the Choirs and Dances were also there? … My cross has become beautiful like my Torreón, my Alcázar, my mills; my Alcazar has become as big as the horizon and the sky; I have everything left over because I have everything ».

The mayor of Aracena, Manuel Guerra, in this tribute of recognition and farewell to this parish priest, highlighted his work in social action, collaboration with associations that work to help others. He has given himself body and soul without leaving anyone indifferent, said his mayor. A tireless worker, with dedication and determination, he said. His perseverance for the preservation of the church buildings also stood out. A man who travels light luggage that is now leaving, so he expressed the sadness of an entire people, sadness of the farewell, but it will remain in our hearts, he affirmed. He said goodbye to him with the wish that his next days to come be an enjoyment of life with the Virgin of Hope, with whom he is now leaving.

One of the traditional music groups from Aracena, ‘Los de siempre’, sang some sevillanas composed expressly for him and for the occasion. At the event, the Music Band performed the favorite pieces of the parish priest who says goodbye to the town he has served for the last 37 years.

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