Feijóo announces that the Xunta will not raise any taxes in 2021




«The Xunta no tax will be raised on any Galician citizen during the next year 21». The announcement was made by President Alberto Núñez Feijóo on the morning of this Wednesday, after contrasting that while “General State Budgets with positive increases” are being processed, his Government is committed to some accounts, which will be formally presented this Friday, in those that “the tax policy of the autonomous community consolidates the tax cuts made in all legislatures and all previous years.”

“Not everyone believes in this model,” launched Feijóo from the Cidade da Cultura de Santiago, on Mount Gaiás, where he went to present the strategy to boost the dairy sector. PSOE and Podemos are committed to raising the price of diesel, insurance … «We are not going to go for that fiscal policy», Rejected the Galician president. According to his estimates, “some 115,000 families will continue to benefit from the consolidated tax cuts.” There he listed inheritance taxes, intervival donations and the battery of rural tax cuts: all types of transmissions, purchase, sale, exchange, acquisition of housing or rent.

“We are seeking the balance between contained taxation, despite the crisis” caused by the Covid pandemic, “and trying to inject money”, as is the case, via budgets (which will have a historical spending ceiling of 11,664 million euros), in rural areas, for, in years 21 and 22, with «a enormous effort, to recover employment rates and economic growth»Prior to the coronavirus; try to recover the income from the “pantry of Galicia and Spain.”

The head of the Galician Executive recalled that the previous legislature started the project of «zero taxes in rural areas», which have turned Galicia into “one of the regions with the lowest tax burden in rural areas in the entire European Union.” First by eliminating the regional tax on rural land transmission; later, with selective reductions in taxes, eliminating the tax on the purchase of a habitual residence for sparsely populated areas, those under 36 years of age, large families and people with disabilities, reducing housing rents in agriculture.

Thus, until 2020 in which, before the Covid pandemic, a “further step” was taken, reducing the property transfer tax from 7% to 5% for the purchase of a habitual residence in 3,500 parishes, 94% of the territory of Galicia, whose rural area is the place of all Spain «where it costs less to buy a home from a fiscal point of view», Feijóo praised.

The regional president also advanced that the 2021 budgets will include a game to modernize and improve the network of regional agricultural offices, which currently has 68 headquarters. «The pandemic will end; with difficulties, but progressively. We are going to work with the usual rigor, with the usual realism and with moderate optimism », Feijóo concluded.

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