Feijóo asks to be “stricter” than to hold meetings of “ten acquaintances”




Although “it is better to have a framework” to manage Christmas in the second wave of Covid than “to have nothing”, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, does not hide that in Galicia he has little known the protocol that came out this Wednesday of the interterritorial health council. “I think you have to be a bit more strict. We propose to Galicians that they be stricter “than holding meetings with” 10 acquaintances “, because “it has a high risk”, he indicated this Thursday at a press conference after the Council meeting.

“Each one has to apply the norm or recommendation with the strictest responsibility. We ask citizens to be self-responsible, “he stressed. “At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of each person, each family, not to tempt fate (…). Ten people close to you is a very high risk. We have to say it because it is true (…). They are not people who have family ties.

Feijóo “would tell a Galician” to ask him what to do on Christmas Eve, Christmas and other celebrations that “the safest thing is to celebrate the holidays with the same family that you come celebrating ordinary days (…). If two houses get together to celebrate the holidays, we increase the risk, but it seems to us that it is within a reasonable risk. The important thing is not the number of people, but that the coexistence units, families, meet when they live together, and not when they live separately.

Feijóo has lowered the scope of what was spoken this Wednesday, stating that «it is not a norm, it is a recommendation», And has not spared epithets to regret that the Ministry of Health did not promote a protocol of greater depth. The framework announced by Salvador Illa is “diffuse” and “very generic”, he added. At least, “there has been progress (…), we have talked and looked for a frame of reference.” This, in itself, can already be “valued positively”. To see the glass half full.

Galicia’s position, in any case, has not changed. «The safest thing, without a doubt, is not to mix convivial units. People who live and sleep and spend the night and eat and dine together with other people who live in different houses. We continue to suggest that families, understanding those that live together constantly and continuously, should not have more than two families that come together to celebrate the holidays, “said the Galician president. And “we are going to continue recommending it intensely.” Under the endorsement of the clinical committee of health experts that advises the Xunta, the Galician Government also continues to “think that children are lower risk vectors than adults.”

After recalling that in the United Kingdom up to three family units are advocated and in Germany that children under 14 are not counted, requirements that exceed those of Galicia, the Galician president has insisted that “Everyone must protect themselves” and that “we propose greater protection”, which goes through “going by family units and not by people who live outside the family units, even if there are up to 10”.

Complaints from the hospitality industry

Regarding the complaints that have come from the hotel industry, which this Friday resumed its operation in the councils where it was closed, with a plan that some in the sector see confusing, Feijóo recalled that «These are rules that were discussed with the representatives of the hospitality industry. We had two meetings with them (…). They are rules of capacity and hours, there is no more ».

The president expects some protest due to disparities in de-escalation levels between municipalities depending on their incidence, but he recalled that the population factor must be taken into account, which distinguishes between more and less than 10,000 inhabitants. Speaking strictly of the hospitality industry, has called for an “effort” to “understand” a rule that “is not difficult to apply”.

“The federations negotiated and discussed and reflected with us, jointly, at least in two meetings, which I think were productive“, it has closed.

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