Feijóo claims an “unequivocal and unconditional yes to the Constitution” in front of the Government and its partners




Alberto Núñez Feijóo has claimed this Sunday, before participating in the acts for the anniversary of the 1978 Constitution, “today more than ever (…), a yes unequivocal and without conditions to the Spanish Constitution». The Galician president, before starting the brief and atypical act of commemoration in the Congress of Deputies, has emphasized that not only the pandemic marks the celebration of this year, but, “unfortunately”, the threat that looms over the Carta Magan itself, with some “Government partners”, by the nationalist and independence parties, who “They are not in the act of the Constitution because they simply neither respect it, nor share it nor support it»; and “in addition, those who are in the Government, a part at least of that Government”, in veiled allusion to Podemos, “He does not want this Constitution either, his objective is to repeal it and render it without effect».

Feijóo stressed that, in this scenario, “it is a time to be and commit to the Constitution”, “for freedom, equality, brotherhood among all the peoples that make up Spain.” Along these lines, he has indicated that «this is probably the year where with more responsibility and justification we have to continue defending political pluralism, freedoms and the very space of harmony that the Spanish Constitution guarantees.

«We have to do it with more determination, because all of us who believe in the Transition, who believe in pacts and consensus, We have to say very loud and clear that the Constitution is the guarantee of the unity of Spain, of the State of the autonomies, of the self-government of Galicia, that Galicia has a democratically elected Parliament and Government, “the president has stressed; who has recalled that the Magna Carta “is probably the most important political and legal work that was made in the history of Spain.”

“Wherever you are, we in the Government of Galicia, others in the opposition in the Congress of Deputies, we must defend freedoms and political pluralism, and the State of autonomies and the unity of the nation»Feijóo has expanded. “That is why we are here and we are going to continue defending the guarantee of the autonomy of Galicia, which is the Spanish Constitution, the guarantee that Galicia has self-government, which is the Spanish Constitution, and the guarantee also of the same rights and freedoms and principles of cohesion and solidarity that emanate from the Spanish Constitution ”.

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