Feijóo vindicates the unity of the PPdeG against the «internal problems» of the Galician left




At the gates of two weekends with four provincial congresses (La Coruña and Lugo this Saturday and Sunday; Pontevedra and Orense the following), Alberto Núñez Feijóo reminded his followers this Monday that «The more united and open a party is, the stronger it will be», in the face of the «internal problems» of the opposition in Galicia. Feijóo, during his speech at the executive committee of the PPdeG, held in Santiago, warned that a congress “is not an opportunity to open a party on the channel,” nor is it a “settling of pending accounts” or “conspiring among colleagues”, ” as does the PSdeG »; nor is it “an opportunity to say that they are reflecting on the excuse of fighting the families that control nationalism, as is the case of the BNG”; It is, instead, “the opportunity to unite, open and strengthen the party,” he appealed.

This is achieved, he added, by “integrating the different sensitivities that make up the party” and “feeling what is happening in the street.” That is, he insisted, what makes the PPdeG “different” from the socialist and nationalist front. A “majority” party because it broadens its base; “Intelligent” because he assumes that the 48% who support him “do not think the same in all cases”; and that, consequently, it seeks to be the “common home”, that “it knows perfectly well that the only thing we cannot do is divide ourselves, because we will be less.” “Much smarter” than dividing up and fighting in families, he crushed the idea, is “expanding the family.”, something that “always gives good results.” There is no problem for being “more to eat at a table”, on the contrary, he said.

Serve Galicia

Feijóo did not leave contrast the behavior of the PPdeG with the one it appreciates in its rivals. If the PSOE works to be «a tool to serve [Pedro] Sánchez “, the PP has to” serve only Galicia. ” If the BNG aspires to be the “way to destroy the unity of the Spanish nation and diminish the importance of the institutions,” its own will have to strive “otherwise,” to unite the Galician nation and strengthen.

Feijóo wants unity, strength and tension when “huge and complicated work” appears that “sometimes will be hard, but it will be worth it”, with the municipal elections as the first litmus test. He reminded anyone who was tempted to loosen up that the councils are not won “by campaigning for the last 15 days or by appearing in the press.” “The important thing is that each neighbor, if possible, has a direct or indirect reference to each leader,” he said.

The PPdeG leader called for “fighting” for projects in which they believe and “solving problems” instead of “creating them.” He was “very proud” of his party and also of his government, “united and in solidarity”, where its members do not dedicate themselves to “become opposition” to “see who rules more”, nor do they fight “to get a head”, in veiled allusion to the central government. There is no room for “internal brawls” or fissures here. “Our commitment is Galicia, to serve it and be useful to it,” he proclaimed.

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