Fernando Colomo and Beatriz de la Gándara, Gold Medals of Egeda




The filmmakers Fernando Colomo and Beatriz de la Gándara They will be distinguished with the EGEDA Gold Medal at the 26th edition of the José María Forqué Awards, as announced by the entity. The award ceremony will take place in person on January 16 at IFEMA Palacio Municipal de Madrid.

The award recognizes their joint work for more than 25 years in which “a firm commitment to new filmmakers who have become great figures in the industry, as well as great tenacity and perseverance to carry out their own projects” stands out. Beatriz de la Gándara and Fernando Colomo have been working together since 1993 and have produced more than twenty works in which «A clear commitment to new talents is evident».

Throughout their career, they have supported the debut operas of Mariano Barroso (“My soul brother”, 1992), Icíar Bollaín (“Hello, are you alone?”, 1995), Daniel Calparsoro (“Jump into the void”, 1995 ), Azucena Rodríguez («Between Reds», 1995), Alfonso Albacete and David Menkes («More than love frenzy», 1996), Chema de la Peña («Shacky Carmine», 1998), Inés París and Daniela Fejerman («A my mother likes women “, 2001), Vicente Molina Foix (” Sagittarius “, 2001) or Santiago Zannou (” The one-armed trick “, 2008).

Their joint work has also given titles such as “Rosa Rosae”, “The barbarian years” or “Alegre ma non troppo”, the latter with Penélope Cruz, Rosa María Sardá or Jordi Mollá. Other films are “The Butterfly Effect”, “That”, “South of Granada”, “The Near East”, “Rivals” or “The Picasso Band”.

Fernando Colomo has a long and fruitful career as a director, screenwriter, producer and even as an actor. Nominated five times for the Goya awards, Colomo takes his first steps at just 16 years old, signing his first short films.

“Tigres de papel” will be his debut feature and his consolidation will come with his following work: What is a girl like you doing in a place like this? (1978); both tapes have the actress Carmen Maura in their cast. During the 80s he chained titles such as “I’m in crisis” (selected at the Venice Film Festival), “The line of the sky” or “The joyous life”. In 1985 he made the international leap through the blockbuster “The Dragon Knight” starring Harvey Keitel and Klaus Kinski.

Comedy is a genre that has marked his entire career and during the 90s he continued to work in film and television with feature films such as “Rosa Rosae”, “Alegro ma non troppo” (two films in which Javier Cámara made his debut), “The butterfly effect “,” The barbarian years “,” Quartet of Havana “or the series” The girls of today “.

For her part, Beatriz de la Gándara began her career on television as a journalist and screenwriter; During this stage, he carried out multiple works in documentaries such as “Europe, Europe” by Pedro Erquicia, which obtained the Ondas Prize.

His experience in this genre leads him to take the next step and create his own production company. With Pandora TV he carries out some outstanding jobs such as “Maps of water and sand, the lives of Jane and Paul Bowles” for TVE Documentos TV or “From Madrid to Madrid, New Mexico” for Telemadrid. In the 90’s, it was turned into fiction by Colomo and from then on it is a key piece in his filmography.

The José María Forqué 2020 Film Award is organized by EGEDA with the participation of the Madrid City Council, the Community of Madrid and RTVE, and has the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and other sponsors such as Mercedes Benz, FIPCA and FlixOlé.

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