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Last day of the Constitution Bridge and new update of the map published daily on Sergas, with data from the day before at 6:00 p.m. Although the one published by the Consellería is entirely tinted blue, ABC has classified the councils by color, considering their cumulative incidence over 14 days. This is the result for this December 8, Immaculate Day.

Little by little, the red that had dyed the seven great Galician cities has given way to a decrease in this cumulative incidence, as a result of the restrictions imposed more than a month ago in the Community and which has caused, on the holiday day, there is a significant reduction in active cases.

These data lead us to think about the restrictions, which are different in each of the Galician councils depending on, precisely, their AI and the cases diagnosed by test in the last two weeks. In the following interactive map you can check which are the restrictions of each one of them.

By cities, Corunna, with 342 new cases diagnosed in the last two weeks, falls below this classification and its AI no longer exceeds 150 cases at 14 days.

At this same level are also Pray, with 103 new cases and Santiago, with 78. The previous week, both were around 100, hence they were the first two large cities to open hotels with fewer limitations.

The case of Vigo and Pontevedra is somewhat more complicated, although his situation has been improving over the days. Neither of the two is at that red level that ABC gives it, with the Sergas data. The cumulative incidence of both cities does not exceed 250, although it is greater than 150. The olive city has 633 cases; pontevedresa 186.

As for the situation in Lugo, it also seems relatively calm, despite the complications that occurred in the council days ago due to the incidence of the virus. This Tuesday, his AI does not exceed 250 either, he is at that orange level, along with Vigo, Pontevedra and Ferrol.

Finally, it is also important to know the “positive” side of the virus in the Community: those councils that have not registered new diagnosed cases. The figure, this Tuesday, December 8, amounts to 83, which represents 26.5% of the total Galician councils. In the following map, colored green, all of them:

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