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The 54th Nautical Week of Alicante 2020 already has its first champions. After three intense days today the Dinghy Sailing closed with very different weather conditions than the previous two days, with a very variable and unstable wind, starting at a 260º axis to finish at 210º and with an intensity that has also danced a lot, from 9 knots, down to 5-6 knots at the equator of the day, to finish at 10-15 knots of intensity.

Boronat imposes its law on IQ Open Foil

With two tests completed today, they have been the last to go out on the water, the Javanese José Luis Boronat (CN Jávea) has imposed his law in Alicante. Two new partial triumphs, he has added 6 out of 8, he takes the title of the Alicante Nautical Week. Jorge Aranzueque (CN Santa Pola) has finished second, they are both second places in this third day, so he is left with 12 points, 4 behind the winner. The podium was completed with Javier Clement, also from Santa Pola, with two third places.

Equality in the Bic Techno until the last test

Today was the day for the Bic Techno, with four tests completed. The fleet started with a single test in the two previous days, so everything was to be decided under somewhat unstable wind conditions, but with an intensity that was ideal for them.

Tomás Mossel (CW Hispano Frances Valencia) has taken the title thanks to the numbers obtained from 1-1-1-3. The discarding has allowed him to get rid of that bad result on the first day with a DNC. They have been accompanied on the podium by Carlos Sánchez (CN Santa Pola), adding 8 points and 2 from the winner, and Natalia Blanquer (CW Hispano Frances Valencia), with 15 points, being the first female in this category.

As for SUB17, the duel has been centered on the representatives of the Jávea boat. Carlos Marí has ​​taken the lead thanks to the partial victory in the last test of the day, while Jacobo Ramón, with a 3rd place, is out of the ‘gold’. Adrián López (CN Alicante Costa Blanca) hangs the bronze with 14 points, 9 behind the champion. The first female was Yolanda Clement (CN Santa Pola).

The podium of the SUB15 has had the representatives of the nautical of Valencia as protagonists. Francesco Ianne has been first with 5 points (DNC-1-1-1-2), while his clubmate: Andrea Sira Martínez, is second with 10 points, Pablo Momparler (CN Jávea), bronze, has placed 1 in Alicante.

Ros, Leutscher and Pastor, podium in Raceboard

The Raceboards have finally been released at the Alicante Nautical Week, today has been their day. With four races completed, Rafel Ros (EV Seasurf Patrol) has taken the Alicante trophy, followed by local Marc Rene Arnold Leutscher (RCR Alicante), with 3 points difference, and Salvador Mariano Pastor (CW Santa Pola), adding 9 points, 6 from Ros.

Gonzalo Suárez, unrivaled in ILCA 7

Gonzalo Suárez (CN Altea) has had no rival in Alicante. Today, after closing four tests, he has again imposed his law with 4 partial wins: 7 out of 7. With this clear dominance of Suárez, the other podium places remained to be known, being Leonardo Collado (RCN Calpe) who has hung the silver and Antonio Carrillo (CN Altea) the bronze.

Maximum equality in the ILCA 6

It has been one of the most equal classes in Alicante waters. On this last day, Igor Marian Kuczys (RCN Torrevieja) from Torrevieja has set one more march, allowing him to reach first place and win the Nautical Week. This has been possible thanks to the 1-1-2-3 partials that, together with the other results, add up to a total of 10 points.

With 2 of difference, the Valencian Marcos Altarriba (RCN Valencia) has placed, closing his participation with two partial victories in the last two tests of the day. The bronze went to Mariano Cebrián (CN Benidorm), with 14 points. The first in the men’s U17 category has been for local Tadeo Samorodny, while in women it has been deserted by not meeting the number of entries.

As for the women, Marta Peñarrubia (RCR Alicante) has been the brilliant winners, leaving the trophy at home. Natalia Julia Kuczys (RCN Torrevieja) was second followed by Dunna Morena (RCN Calpe).

Joan Ravie, no problems in ILCA 4

Joan Ravie (CN Campello) has been strong on this last day, although it started like the day: gray, signing a 4th place. Later, the campellero, has signed partials of 1-3-1 that has given him the title with 8 points. With 11 difference, Antonio López (RCN Torrevieja) was placed, while the bronze went to Claudia Adán (CN Santa Pola), also being the first female in the table.

The Alicante event has also had the added incentive for some sailors, since the regional title was at stake. Joan Ravie and Claudia Adán are the new regional champions in ILCA 4, while Igor Marian Kuczys does the same with ILCA 6.

As for the BIC Techno Tomás Mossel and Natalia Blanquer, they are champions in Plus, Carlos Mari and Yolanda Clement in SUB17 and Carlos Mari and Andrea Sira Martínez, while IQ Foil the title has been for José Luis Bornat and in Raceboard for Rafael Ros .

The award ceremony, which has been carried out with strict security measures, has been attended by Miguel López Barbero, president of RCR Alicante, accompanied by the members Antonio de Béjar and Antonio Ramón Borja, as well as José Antonio Moreno, in representation of the FVCV.

The second installment of Nautical Week will take place next weekend, December 12 and 13, with the Optimists and Pesca as main actors.

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