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Agents of the National Police of Alicante have arrested five people and dismantled a criminal group allegedly dedicated to drug trafficking from an occupied apartment turned into a real bunker and located in the north of Alicante.

The agents of Investigation Group I of the Northern Police Station began investigations into a group of people who were using a home, which had also been occupied, to traffic with narcotics. The policemen were also able to verify how a double door with a security grill and a closed surveillance system which included cameras on the outside and inside of the house.

The investigation was laborious since the members of the band took great security measures to avoid police control. Even so, the agents managed to identify the leader of the group and all its members, as well as the work that each of them carried out in the criminal network, which ranged from dispatching the drug, to transporting it or storing it and guarding it in other addresses other than the one used for its sale.

Once identified, the police operation rushed when the person in charge of the criminal group was surprised by the Local Police of Alicante in a control carrying in his vehicle more than 100 grams of cocaine. As of that arrest, the agents of the Northern Police Station located and arrested the rest of the gang members in order to prevent them from disposing of any narcotic substances that they might have in their possession.

Three kilos of speed

In this operation, four house searches were carried out in which more than three kilos of speed were also located, distributed in 6 packages of just over 500 grams each, 10 grams of TUCSI cocaine, 500 grams of glass, 1,400 ecstasy pills, as well as different amounts of marijuana and hashish prepared for sale.

In one of those records the agents also located a 45 caliber revolver ready to shoot and more ammunition of other calibers, as well as tools and material used for drug trafficking. With this action, one of the black spots sale of narcotic substances with more activity in the north of the city of Alicante.

The detainees, four men and one woman of Spanish and Polish nationality and aged between 25 and 49 years, were placed at the disposal of the Court.

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