Five jihadists who were preparing to attack in Spain arrested in Madrid and Barcelona

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Dismantled a jihadist cell that was preparing to attack in Spain soon. The National Police has arrested its five members in Barcelona and Madrid. They have been agents of the General Information Commission (CGI) who have led the operation after the arrest of three other terrorists last January, also in the Catalan capital.

After that device, the researchers located the leader of the group, just a few months later, training in Spain. It was then that he came into contact with the rest of the suspects, now detained. According to police sources, this leader is a returnee from Daesh who would have fought in its ranks in previous years.

All the detainees are of Algerian nationality and they were arrested on Monday. The leader of the five served time in Algeria for acts related to jihadism. The one who is in prison, is in the one in Barcelona.

During the searches of the homes of the suspects, the agents have located machetes and 9-millimeter-caliber ammunition.

Arrested in January

The three alleged jihadists arrested in January in Barcelona, ​​two Libyans and one Moroccan, formed a cell of “Especially dangerous”, since two of them were also ex-combatants. That is, he had traveled to Syria to join the ranks of the Islamic State.

This profile, according to the researchers, is always the one with the highest risk, since they return from areas where they have already perpetrated violent attacks, after receiving military training on many occasions.

It was last December 31 when the Police learned of some communications that set off all the alarms in the anti-jihadist operations. That day they learned that an Algerian returnee had entered Spain with the idea of ​​attacking France.

It was verified in a short time that in fact this individual, 28 years old and with experience in combat in the Syrian-Iraqi area in the ranks of Daesh, He had also arrived in Almería by boat between December 22 and 23, the eve of Christmas; Another disturbing fact because it is a period in which these types of terrorists often carry out attacks. But he had not reached Spain alone. He was accompanied by another compatriot, born in the late 1990s, who after exchanging data with the intelligence services of other countries, it was learned that he had also had a relationship with the jihadist world, although he had not fought. Specifically, it was in the spotlight since 2015 due to its intense activity on social networks, in which it showed a great affinity with terrorist attacks.

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