Five tricks to increase the life of your mobile and not have to change it ahead of time




Due to the advancement of technology, and the enormous number of devices that dominate the market, the user has become accustomed to changing «smartphone» frequently. According to the consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel, the average time between when a person turns on a mobile for the first time, and the moment when he leaves it forgotten on a shelf, is 20.5 months. Less than two years.

However, this does not imply that a phone cannot have a longer life. In case a series of recommendations is followed, can last a few more years with reasonable performance. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve this.

Put cover

The screens of today’s “smartphones” are more resistant than people think; but they are not bomb-proof. In case it is worn without protection, even if it is protected by quality glass, a bad fall can end the glass in pieces. Therefore, it is important to carry the mobile with a robust case, either rigid or silicone, that completely covers the edges of the device.

It is also recommended put a tempered glass protector over the screen. Something that will also protect the screen from scratches.

Be careful with the ‘apps’

The applications allow the user, among other things, to have functionalities that are not found as standard in a device. However, it is recommended be careful with the ones you download. In part, because ‘apps’, like everything stored on a device, take up memory. And the less space available the terminal has, the more it slows down.

It is also important to choose carefully what to download. Within the Android environment, applications with ‘adware’, a program that displays unwanted advertising and limits the life of the device, have become really problematic. Likewise, you must always resort to official stores. Nothing to use links located on any web page. It is also advisable to look at the fine print and the reviews of other users before making any type of download.

Better in the cloud

In case you have more applications than necessary, another good option to improve performance is to eliminate all those that are not really necessary. It can also be helpful to use cloud platforms such as iCloud to store videos, files and conversations and thus free up space.

Be very careful with the battery

The battery of ‘smartphones’ has become one of the elements that creates the most controversy among users. This is because, over time, accumulate charge cycles and end up losing efficiency. Something can cause that after a year it is below 85% of the original level. To avoid this, it is advisable to take a series of precautions. What keep the device with a load never less than 25%, avoid using the device while it is plugged in or keep it out of the sun to prevent it from overheating.


When the mobile is always active, it ends up storing a lot of useless information and keeps many tasks in the background. Experts Recommend restart or shutdown the computer at least once a week. “In addition, it is important not to use generic chargers that can also damage your device, since receiving more or less power than recommended, could also affect its correct operation and reduce its useful life,” says Thibaud Hugh of Larauze in a statement , director of the company of reconditioning of ‘smartphones’ Back Market.

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