Former Lebanese Prime Minister charged with explosions in Beirut port

Diab, who is still in office awaiting a permanent replacement, claims that he has a “clear conscience”


The judge investigating the explosions in the port of Beirut, which left more than 200 dead, has indicted the acting Prime Minister, Hasan Diab, who resigned from office on October 10, and three former members of his Government of negligence , for understanding that the tragedy could have been avoided.

Judge Fadi Sawwan has concluded that Diab and former ministers Ali Hasan Jalil – of Finance – and Yusef Finianos and Ghazi Zeaite – of Public Works – “received several written notices warning them against delaying the transfer of nitrate. of ammonium, “the material that ultimately ended up causing a powerful deflagration on August 4, according to judicial sources cited by Naharnet.

Thus, the authorities “did not adopt the necessary measures to avoid the devastating explosion and its enormous damage,” according to the judge, who has focused on the first line of power after several months in which the accusations have basically affected related authorities. to the port.

Diab and the three former ministers are called to testify between Monday and Wednesday of next week, according to the official NNA news agency, which also collects criticism of the judicial action known this Thursday.

“The prime minister has a clear conscience and is sure of his integrity, as well as the responsible and transparent management of the case of the explosion in the port of Beirut,” reads a statement released by his office. In it, Diab warns that he will not allow the charge to be “attacked” by “nowhere”, without going into details, according to the DPA agency.


Diab resigned in the aftermath of protests unleashed after the tragedy, which revealed the inability of the Lebanese public administration to address basic issues. The failure of his successor to form a government once again returned the ball to the court of Saad Hariri, who was tasked at the end of October with the formation of a new Executive.

Hariri, who has served as prime minister in the past, met on Wednesday with the president, Michel Aoun, to deliver a cabinet proposal with 18 ministers who “are specialists and do not belong to any party,” as he explained at the end. of the meeting.

Aoun will study the proposal and will meet again with Hariri later. “The atmosphere is positive and I have great hopes that we will be able to form a government quickly”, declared the prime minister in charge, who sees in this new Executive a way to “stop the economic collapse” and “regain confidence”, both inside and outside Lebanon.

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