Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, hospitalized for respiratory problems



The former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori He was admitted to a clinic in Lima due to respiratory problems that he suffered on Friday night in prison, his family doctor informed AFP, Alejandro Aguinaga placeholder image.

Fujimori «you are hospitalized because you have breathing problems (…) He is on oxygen and they are evaluating him, ”Aguinaga said after visiting Fujimori, 83, at the Clínica Centenario Peruano Japonesa.

The health crisis comes at a time when the government announced its intention to change him from prison to consider that he is in a “golden prison”.

Hours later, Keiko Fujimori, eldest daughter of the former president, reported that she was stable and in clear evolution, although she will continue to be hospitalized.

«Thanks to immediate action, he is already stabilizing and continues under strict monitoring in the Intermediate Care Unit. They are conducting a series of tests to make decisions, “the opposition leader and former presidential candidate tweeted.

According to the doctor, the ex-president (1990-2000) was transferred urgently to the hospital on Friday night from the police base in eastern Lima where he meets a 25-year prison sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption.

The prison doctors they supplied him with oxygen when realizing that Fujimori was not breathing well. Shortly after, they decided that he should be transferred to the clinic.

Last night I was with a lot of chest pain and desaturating. The doctors decided to transfer him. Because of his age, he is a person at risk, “said the doctor and congressman of the Popular Force party led by Keiko Fujimori. «It is under observation in [la unidad de] intermediate care at the Clinic, “he added.

He is serving a 25-year prison sentence

Fujimori meets a 25-year prison sentence for the Barrios Altos (1991) and La Cantuta (1992) massacres, where an army death squad murdered 25 people – a child, among them – in an alleged anti-terrorist operation when he was president.

A prisoner since 2007, Fujimori has suffered recurrent respiratory and neurological problems (facial paralysis) and hypertension. In March, he was also hospitalized for respiratory problems.

A Peruvian court had declared unfounded in May 2020 a family appeal that He called for the release of Fujimori due to the risk of contracting covid-19.

The resolution highlighted that Fujimori is the only inmate of the police base ruling out the probability of overcrowding and contagion, as occurs in other prisons in the South American country.

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