Former US cybersecurity chief denounces Trump’s lawyer who asked to be shot


The former director of the Cybersecurity Agency of the United States Department of Security, Chris Krebs, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the president’s lawyer, Donald Trump, Joseph diGenova, for threats and defamation, after the lawyer assured that “I should get shot.”

“Anyone who thinks the election went well, like that idiot Krebs, who used to be the head of cybersecurity, is an idiot. That guy is a first-rate idiot. He should be quartered. He should be taken out at dawn and shot.” DiGenova said on Newsmax’s The Howie Carr Show talk show.

These words came after Trump’s firing of Krebs via Twitter, after he failed to endorse unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud during the presidential elections.

“Chris Krebs’ recent statements on the security of the 2020 elections were very inaccurate, as there was massive fraud and irregularities, including the votes of people who had died,” Trump wrote on the aforementioned social network.

“The defendants made an illegal and incendiary ‘call to action’ for the plaintiff to suffer the fate of a convicted traitor,” explained Krebs’ defense in the lawsuit. In addition to DiGenova, Newsmax is also part of the lawsuit, considering that it had aided and incited these threats.

“The threats from the defendant have disrupted the life of the plaintiff, as well as the safety of his family, and have caused much fear, anguish, suffering and even physical harm,” says the lawsuit, which requires compensation of $ 75,000 ( 61,900 euros) for damages, and the withdrawal of the video in which DiGenova’s statements can be heard.

For its part, Newsmax, which although it has described DiGenova’s comments as “inappropriate”, has also chosen to argue that the lawsuit represents a threat against freedom of expression.

“Mr. diGenova is not a paid collaborator of Newsmax,” the website justified through a statement, in which he apologized to Trump’s lawyer, assuring that he had already apologized and explained that it was a “joke.”

In the text, Newsmax has argued that Krebs’ accusations about an alleged conspiracy against him “are a threat to freedom of expression and his legal action endangers all media organizations seeking an open discourse of ideas and news. “.

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