Four injured in Alicante due to smoke inhalation after the early morning fire of a mattress and a kitchen




An operative with 12 firefighters of the Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue Service of Alicante (SPEIS) have traveled this morning to extinguish a fire in a house, originating on the first floor of a building located on Calle Los Pueblos, where a woman has been injured by smoke inhalation. He is the fourth person affected in the city this weekend after another house fire.

The last extinction occurred after 12.30 am on Monday, when three patrols of the Local Police together with the firefighters traveled to the location to cut off the accesses and help a woman, the only tenant of the affected house. The victim was with a strong state of anxiety and she had inhaled smoke, for which she was treated by a SAMU ambulance.

For their part, firementhey acted on the flames, located in one of the rooms on the first floor of the building, while the smoke spread rapidly through the stairwell, also affecting the floors of the upper floors. They managed to extinguish it after almost an hour of work.

The first investigations suggest that the fire originated in the mattress for causes that are investigated, according to the same sources. The residents of the adjoining houses were also evicted during the fire.

Previously, in the early hours of Saturday, firefighters mobilized around 3.50 am to extinguish another fire that originated on the ninth floor of a house located on Avenida de Catedrático Soler. Eleven firefighters intervened quickly by mounting two water lines to extinguish the fire, which started in the kitchen and was affected by the flames.

National Police and Local Police

The National Police collaborated in the eviction of its three tenants who were injured by smoke inhalation, for which they were treated by the health services and one of them needed to be transferred to the General Hospital of Alicante. The Local Police also displaced two teams during the extinction and aeration tasks.

On this occasion, the extinction tasks took more than an hour. Once it was turned off, the troops proceeded to carry out the sanitation and ventilation tasks with the positive pressure groups of the entire affected area.

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