Four traffickers hid the drugs in the mailbox and sold after the curfew in Elche




Four people have been detained by the National Police for selling marijuana, cocaine and above all, heroin at retail in Elche, substances that were hidden in the mailbox of the mail of his address in a property. At other times, drugs were passed from the balcony in sight of the neighbors and distributed in the immediate vicinity even after the Touch of is left over for the coronavirus.

Those arrested allegedly formed a criminal group with a large number of consumers who came daily to get their doses.

The investigation has been developed by the Narcotics Group of the Elche Police Station, whose agents received several neighborhood complaints due to the continuous traffic of people during much of the day and that did not stop during the night despite the mobility restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, causing the aforementioned nuisance to the neighborhood.

The policemen carried out a large number of discreet surveillance, despite the difficulty it entailed for them to go unnoticed by those investigated and in this way they managed to identify all the members of the group and discover the work of each one of them in selling the narcotic substance. Thus, inside the house, a couple remained who were in charge of guarding and preparing the doses and outside the home, two people were in charge of contacting the buyers and providing them with the narcotic substance.

In a park

Usually these two people stood in a Park a few meters from the home where consumers went and contacted them. After receiving the order, the arrested approached the house and through its balcony threw the drugs on them on paper napkins, which they quickly hid in their clothes and dispensed to the buyers after receiving the money in exchange for the drugs.

The police also discovered how those investigated used the property’s mailbox to store the narcotic substance already prepared in doses perfectly prepared for sale.

In the search at his home, the agents located more than 20 grams of heroin, marijuana and almost 3.000 euros cash. Eight bags of heroin prepared in doses for sale were intervened in the mailbox of the house.

Those arrested of Spanish nationality and aged between 45 and 58 years were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guardia de Elche accused of an alleged crime of drug trafficking.

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