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Princess Amalia next to the queen mother and grandmother, Beatriz, on the coronation day of her father, Guillermo de los Páises Netherlands
Princess Amalia next to the queen mother and grandmother, Beatriz, on the day of the coronation of her father, Guillermo de los Paises Netherlands – Reuters

The Crown Princess and eldest daughter of the Guillermo Reyes (53 years old) and Maximum (49 years old) from the Netherlands, Catherine Amalia of Orange, celebrates his seventeenth birthday. She was born in The Hague on December 7, 2003 and, following the investiture of her father on April 30, 2013, she was awarded the title of Princess of Orange. The Heir to the Throne lives with her parents and younger sisters, Princess Alejandra (15 years old) and Princess Ariadna (13 years old), at the Huis Ten Bosch Palace in the Dutch royal capital.

Despite the fact that she has always been under the tutelage of her mother, this birthday only marks the beginning of a public life aimed at making strategic decisions that will decide her fate: future Head of State of the Netherlands.

Kings William Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands
Kings Wilhelm Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands – Reuters

“Refuse the Throne” is not an option

Among those decisions are the unknowns regarding his studies, whether he will decide to follow in his father’s footsteps and get involved with the Royal Army, or if once he has reached the age of majority next year, he will decide to accept the 110,000 euros as an annual salary. despite the serious consequences that the Netherlands is facing from the pandemic. These and many other decisions will be made this year through certain gestures and steps that should bring her closer to the people as their future Queen.

From the day he was born, his future was already determined by the Constitution of the Netherlands. According to the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”, the little princess asked her father, King William, on the day of his investiture: “How many years do you intend to stay?»To mark them on your calendar and find out how many days of” freedom “you will have before you take your royal title seriously. “Sometimes it seems to me that it is not real, it is difficult for me to become aware that this is really my life,” she once commented to the press, stressing that sooner or later she had to assume her responsibility as heir. “Refuse the Throne” is not an option.

18 years and a million and a half euros

As established by the Constitution, once Amalia has reached 18 years of age, there is a possibility, if circumstances arise (death), she could succeed her father as Queen of the Netherlands. This also means that he would receive his due salary not only to pay his assistants within the Dutch Royal Family, but also a personal salary which translates to one and a half million euros a year. To all this would also be added 4,000 euros a day for personnel and “material support” to carry out government tasks.

With the Crown Princess nearing her coming of age, the Dutch Government unveiled said budget by which the Social Democratic Party (PvdA) sided with the far right (PVV), the Socialists (SP) and the Green Left (GroenLinks) have strictly requested that budget is reduced due to the serious economic and health consequences that the nation is facing due to the pandemic situation. This is how the prime minister, Mark Rutte, has promised the House to justify every detail of the stipulated annual salary and assess whether it is of great need for the heir.

“I don’t care if he’s an 18-year-old or a 21-year-old brat.”

The same debate arose in the 1980s, when Amalia’s father was close to turning 18: “I don’t care if it’s an 18-year-old or a 21-year-old brat who receives so much money. I am opposed to the fact that the Royal Family receives so much money», Exclaimed the former deputy of the green left, Andrée Van Is, in 1989 in Parliament and initiated the proposal to expand the minimum age from 18 to 21 years, so that the Prince or Princess who inherits the throne does so with much more maturity and does not begin to receive benefits so young without any type of «effort» or «citizen conscience».

As a reference the neighboring country, Belgium, also the Crown Princess Elizabeth of Brabant, who turned 18 on October 25, also faced a similar debate in which the decision was made that while finishing his high school studies, he would not receive any type of benefit that, at the time, was 900.000 euros. In this way, the Belgian princess, with the permission of her parents, renounced her salary until it was time to face her tasks in the Belgian Royal Family as future Heir to the Throne.

But still, as reported by “De Telegraaf”, political experts do not believe that Princess Amalia will follow the example of the Belgian princess. The Information Service of the Government of the Netherlands justified to the media that not paying the future Head of State would be an act classified as “illegal”, because it is not stipulated in Dutch law.

One year after coming of age

In the last ten years, despite being a Crown Princess, Amalia’s life, like her sisters, has been more or less peaceful. However, as the princess comes of age, her mother, Queen Máxima, has shown nostalgia for that time where princesses were seen playing in the gardens of the royal residence, in Wassenar, where they lived until January of 2019, when they moved to the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague.

King William with his wife and daughters in December 2007
King William with his wife and daughters in December 2007 – 2007

«I don’t really like this situation. The final moment is approaching and everything is going very fast for my princess », Queen Máxima commented a year ago:« I enjoy every moment with my girls, but now the countdown begins so that you start your way and leave home».

Farewell to a “peaceful” childhood

This seventeenth birthday is Amelia’s farewell to her childhood. It not only means putting aside her life as a normal teenager, but also finishing high school and starting her sabbatical year to get to know every corner of her nation. “There is still no specific plan, what is definitive is that, once the pandemic passes she must travel to meet her people. When that happens, he may opt for family tradition and study at the University of Leiden, as did his grandmother Beatriz and great-grandmother Guillermina. Or you can join the Royal Army. But that remains to be seen, ”explained a source close to the Dutch Royal Family.

Princess Amalia with her family in summer 2015
Princess Amalia with her family in summer 2015 – Gtres

“The time has come and if Amalia cannot have a normal childhood, we as parents would have failed,” her mother told the press a few months ago. Far from her tasks as a princess and a student of Secondary Education, Amalia has developed a passion for fashion, just like his mother, but has also shown other abilities such as horse riding, hockey and music. A childhood that, according to the media, with its 17 years has come to an end. By next summer, she will have completed her studies and, if her father authorizes it, she will serve on the Council of State to assume public functions as a princess to represent the Netherlands.

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