Fuensalida will begin in a few weeks the improvement works in three streets of the municipality




The City Council of Fuensalida will start in the coming weeks remodeling and improvement works on three streets (Río Alberche, Río Tajo and Río Miño), which will be financed by the Toledo Provincial Council with a contribution that exceeds 130.000 euros, practically the entire budget of this important project for the town.

This has been communicated to the president of the Provincial Council of Toledo, Álvaro Gutiérrez, the mayor of Fuensalida, Santi Vera, during the working meeting that both have held at the headquarters of the provincial institution and during which they have reviewed the main actions that are carried out in the municipality with the support of the provincial government.

The paving and steel works have already been put out to tender and the Fuensalida mayor’s forecast is for them to start before the end of this year. Something that will mean an important improvement in the area of ​​influence of these three streets in which there has been no intervention for more than 20 years and that will contribute to one of the objectives that the municipal government has set, which is to equalize the neighborhoods of the town .

The intervention to be carried out on the streets Río Alberche, Río Tajo and Río Miño, contemplates the replacement of the entire steelwork, the improvement of accessibility and the complete repair of the pavement. They also include two complementary and very important actions that the mayor wanted to highlight and which are the underground channeling of light and the introduction of fiber optics that he is managing with Telefónica.

Álvaro Gutiérrez has highlighted the good work that Santi Vera and his team are doing in Fuensalida and has welcomed the efficiency and success they are having when it comes to executing the aid that they receive support from the Toledo Provincial Council.

Another example of this institutional collaboration with Fuensalida is the urban improvement project that was also addressed at the meeting. It is about the improvement that the City Council is going to carry out on Avenida de San Crispín, in which it will proceed to remodel all the pedestrian crossings that exist on this road, one of the two main arteries of Fuensalida.

Vera has announced to Gutiérrez that this project, which is also financed by the Diputación with funds from the Provincial Plans program, will be launched next year.

The mayor of Fuensalida thanked the president of the Provincial Council for the support that his Government is giving to the town and the close collaboration that both institutions are maintaining and has invited Álvaro Gutiérrez to visit the town and learn about the result of this joint action in situ. An invitation that the provincial president has gladly accepted.

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