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There is an overdose of Galdós in this last month of the year to close the commemoration of the centenary of the author of the “National Episodes” in the Community of Madrid. Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, artistic director, has thrown in the rest to remind him of the days that remain until January 4, the date that will be the 101st anniversary of the death of Galdós.

The Circle of Fine Arts hosts on December 8, 9 and 10, respectively, three shows: «The enchanted knight«, »Galdós’s sheep” Y “Galdosian Feast of All Saints«. On December 11, the exhibition »Cornejo, the tailor of Galdós“And two days later, on Sunday 13, he performed at the Teatro Coliseo de Carlos III”The princess and the rogue«.

Later, on the 18th, it premiered at the Teatros del Canal «Torquemada«; and later Miguel Rellán, accompanied by the Complutense Symphony Orchestra, will perform for a video »An industry that lives off death; cholera musical episode«. “And then there will be, on January 4, a surprise,” says Pérez de la Fuente.

«The enchanted knight«Features dramaturgy by Pedro Víllora and address of Beatriz Argüello. Daniel Albaladejo, Cristóbal Suárez, José Luis Torrijo, Jesús Hierónides, Pablo Rodríguez, Badia Albayati and Mélida Molina interpret this dramatization of one of the latest novels by Galdós and, according to Víllora, “also one of the most original ones. It was published in 1909 and shows an amazing combination of magical elements that come from the same medieval and Renaissance fantasy that Don Quixote enchanted ».

Galdós, in Santander
Galdós, in Santander

In “Galdós’s sheep«Texts by the author himself and by other firms, among them Gregorio Marañón, with an overture by Luis Alberto of Cuenca. The title refers to “Mariucha”, a black sheep that Galdós freed from the slaughterhouse and took to his apartment on Calle Alberto Aguilera in Madrid. The actors Silvia Marsó and Arturo Querejeta and the dancers Carmen Werner and Daniel Abreu perform this show, directed by Ines Piñole about a dramaturgy by Julio Bravo.

José Gabriel López Antuñano has created the dramaturgy of «Galdosian Festival of All Saints«, A show conceived and directed by Ignacio Garcia, and interpreted by Silvia Abascal, Ernesto Arias, Gloria Muñoz and Marc Parejo, with the musicians Sara Águeda (harp) and Miguel Huertas (piano). «It is a musical frieze -explain García and López Antuñano- in which the music of their time and their sound hobbies are intermingled with musical references of the autumnal and mortuary themes of which the two stories speak to construct a sound discourse in which the voices of the author and the characters are part of that complex musical and narrative score with which he develops his story ».

«The princess and the rogue“It is one of the twelve implausible stories that Galdós published between 1865 and 1897.” The argument is direct and simple: Pacorrito Migajas, a seven-year-old rogue from Madrid, an orphan and alone in the world, falls in love with a doll he sees in A showcase. One day, they buy the doll and Pacorrito manages to enter the house of its owners «. Ainhoa ​​Amestoy he has adapted it and directs the show, which is performed by Lidia Navarro, Álvaro de los Santos and the Escolanía de El Escorial.

The sample “Cornejo, the tailor of Galdós«Exhibits costumes for series, films and plays that were based on the work of the iconic author of Spanish Realism, and whose realization, in all cases, was carried out by the mythical Sastrería Cornejo. Founded in 1920, it is today not only a bastion of the Spanish stage industry, but it has also been involved in dressing important international productions such as »Lawrence of Arabia«, »Gladiator« or »Game of Thrones«.

«Torquemada«It is based on the tetralogy of the novels by Torquemada de Galdós. Its author is Ignacio Garcia May, and runs the show himself Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, with Pedro Casablanc as the protagonist. “Galdós,” says the director, “is experiencing the slow decline of an ancient world, turbulent times on a political and social level. Money, fortune, are the new fin de siècle gods; the usurers, the money changers, the bankers; the new ecclesiastical hierarchy. And Galdós has the need to give life to his Torquemada in that historical moment. In Europe, the Balzac, the Zola, the Tolstoy, the Dickens, the Dostoevsky also speak of money and its acolytes, of misers, usurers … also of political abuses and social changes ».

On “An industry that lives off death; cholera musical episode“, Pérez de la Fuente says that it is about” a chronicle that he wrote in the newspaper “La Nación” on December 2 and 6, 1865, about the arrival in Madrid of cholera. Galdós is very young, he is 22 years old and has just dropped out of law. He wrote a wonderful text in which he combines two concepts: music – he already works as a music critic at the Teatro Real – and the dry sound that is in Madrid those days, when the hammer hits the nail in the construction of coffins. He’s still shaping his style, and there are influences from ” The Hoffman Tales ” by Edgar Allan Poe … «

«There are some very interesting texts that will serve for the future and to continue to be done. The centenary, because of everything that has happened this year, we should metaphorically prolong it … », concludes Pérez de la Fuente.

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