Galicia reopens the hotel business and municipalities in the areas with the lowest incidence




The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, announced this afternoon that Galicia recovers the distribution by levels, depending on the epidemiological situation, to deepen the de-escalation, “gradual and measured”, after meeting with the clinical committee of health experts. In the areas with the best evolution the hospitality industry is reopened, the perimeter closures are lifted (always between municipalities with the same situation) and meetings of non-cohabitants are allowed, up to four people. Measures that will take effect from Friday.

[ En directo: Feijóo desvela la desescalada en Galicia]

The looser level requires a 14-day incidence of less than 250 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants and covers 189 municipalities (54% of the population of Galicia, 1.4 million Galicians), from the areas of Lugo, Orense, Santiago and Vigo, which They are in the best situation in the Community. Meetings up to four people who do not live together; bars, cafes and restaurants with 30% interior and 50% exterior. Sports practice is also allowed, always with a mask, in groups of up to four people.

The intermediate level it concentrates 33 municipalities in the areas of Santiago, Lugo, Orense and Vigo, with a 14-day AI between 250 and 500; plus the 74 councils that make up the areas of La Coruña, Ferrol and Pontevedra, due to the situation in the ICUs. That is, it affects just over 40% of the population. In the three health areas with the worst critical situation, mobility will only be allowed within the area (although Pontevedra is expected to leave this level next week). The meetings have the same limit, four not living together, and the hotel business can only open outdoors.

The stricter level it is for 17 municipalities where the AI ​​is higher than 500 to 14 days. They are Aranga, Cabanas, Carballo, Catoira, Corcubión, O Corgo, Gomesende, A Gudiña, Guitiriz, Larouco, Malpica, Moecche, A Peroxa, Ponteceso, A Pontenova, Toques and Xunqueira de Aquí the same restrictions still prevail, with closed hospitality, meetings only of cohabitants and perimeter closure.

The Xunta thus extends the relief in the restrictions against the Covid that began very tenuously exactly a week ago. Then, the main decisions affected the trade, which returned to its normal hours, except on weekends; to culture and sports, which resumed their activity; and to the socio-sanitary residences, which once again admitted visitors. During this week, active cases have gone from over 13,000 to just over 8,000. In hospitals, ICU patients have decreased from 224 to 146; and on the floor, from 792 to 583.

At the end of January, after a first tightening of the limitations, the Galician Government opted to place the entire Community at the maximum level of alert, with perimeter closure of all municipalities and all hospitality, and social interactions limited to people living together. Measures that were to last, initially, three weeks.

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