Galicia will have 2,095 more teachers than in the course prior to the Covid




The school year starts in Galicia with all those over 12 vaccinated with the full schedule and with an increase in teachers of 2,095 compared to the 19-20 academic year, the last before the pandemic. Qualified by the Minister of Education, Román Rodríguez, as a “Year of transition” and back to “normality”, the setting with which this new school year opens, without the uncertainties and fears of the past, explains the data. Faced with criticism from the opposition, the head of the branch defended from Parliament that last year’s management achieved «Change mistrust into trust» and that “Galicia not only meets the teacher-to-student ratios, but improves them.”

Thus the things, and after the insistence of the rest of groups, Rodríguez shelled the hiring of the new academic year, which corresponds to 1,250 teachers of the Recupera Plan, 220 for Infant and Primary to guarantee bubble groups, 290 for ESO and Baccalaureate, 225 for the maintenance of the unfolds and 110 for digital reinforcement. They are, in short, less than the 2,300 that were counted on a year ago to face a course full of risks and uncertainties that a year later have been dissipating.

«We are facing a new moment. In the 20-21 academic year, measures had to be taken from scratch and start in September with many uncertainties. In this course we know what works well to achieve the presence and vaccination of those over 12 years old, which will be completed this week. It is a transition course in which it is necessary to maintain some measures and make others more flexible, “said the regional official, who repeated on several occasions that last year’s hiring was due to health reasons,” but if the health reasons vary, “they have to be done. personnel settings. «The classroom ratio is set by the central government, and it did not change either with the pandemic or with the new education law. Galicia not only meets the ratios but also improves them. We have the best teacher-student ratio, together with Extramadura de España. In addition, 70 percent of the groups drop below 25 students and 30 percent drop below 10, ”Rodríguez reported.

Faced with this photograph, the BNG demanded new hires, stressing that “the pandemic is going to be present and that it requires teachers like never before.” His proposal: a reinforcement of a thousand more teachers before whom from the PP they prescribed a dose of reality. From the PSOE, for its part, the criticism focused on the fact that a decrease in the number of students should not entail, they argue, a reduction in the teaching staff: «As there are fewer students, there must be fewer teachers … that is debatable ”they indicated.

For now, the new course warms up with the same protocols that allowed the past to move forward, although nuanced. This is the case of personal distance, which is reduced from 1.5 meters to 1.2, which will allow a better use of spaces. Other things, like ventilation or use of masks over the age of six they will remain unchanged given their effectiveness.

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