Galicia will receive 1,074.72 million euros of investments, 8.3% of the total




Galicia will receive 1,074.72 million euros of investments owned by the State and ranks as the fifth autonomous community with the highest allocation with a 8.3% of the total, as stated in the report of the general state budget project (PGE) for 2022. Ahead of the Galician Community, in both relative and absolute terms, are Andalusia (17.4% of the total with 2,267.07 million), Catalonia (17.2% and 2,230.74 million), Valencian Community (9.3% and 1,208.61 million) and Madrid (8.9% and 1,151.46 million).

The territorial distribution table of real investment in 2022 specifically includes the state public sector (administrative, business and foundational). Regarding Galicia, allocates 409.58 million in the public administrative sector with a limiting budget and another 665.14 in the public sector with an estimated budget, which, added, gives a total of 1,074.72 million euros, 8.3% of the total. The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, who presented the project this Wednesday, has indicated, among other issues, that reduce from 85% to 40% the tax credit for entities that are dedicated to housing rental.

Regarding investments with a limiting expenditure budget, the 409.58 million euros corresponding to the Galician community are distributed by provinces as follows: 231.32 million La Coruña, 71.48 million Pontevedra, 55.42 million Orense and 51.36 million Lugo. These 409.58 million are also distributed in 364.65 million euros corresponding to the State, 24.71 million from autonomous bodies, 5.95 million from other entities and 14.26 million from Social Security.

Subtracting the contribution from Social Security, the numbers for Galicia (with a limiting spending budget) stand at 395.32 million, which are 20.8% more than in the 2021 budgets. Of these, the largest amounts come from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (207.6 million) and Defense (129.81 million). With lower figures are the department for Ecological Transition (46.36 million), Finance (4.71 million), Culture and Sports (3.15 million), Science and Innovation (2.9 million), Interior (755,760 euros ) and Industry (21,900 euros).

Projects with more amounts

Among the projects with higher amounts, the forecast for the production of the fragatas F-110, for which the budgets reserve 121.77 million euros. Regarding the Ministry of Transport, the highway between Santiago and Lugo (the A-54) accounts for items such as one of 16.12 million for the Arzúa-Melide section and another two of 21.48 and almost 21 million euros for the Melide-Palas de Rei section. Other works with high entries are that of the A-57 between Vilaboa and A Ermida (23.73 million), the connection between the N-120 and the N-536 in O Barco de Valdeorras (22.96 million), Santiago’s orbital link (9.05 million) and the Pontevedra fire brigade node (2.25 million). From the Ministry of Culture and Sports, 3 million stand out for the rehabilitation of the archaeological museum of Orense, while the Ecological Transition calls attention to 14.88 million for the regeneration of the O Burgo estuary.

Regarding the administrative public sector, as an estimate, the draft budgets for next year collects 252 million euros for Galicia from public bodies: 158 in Pontevedra, 63 in A Coruña, 24 in Ourense and seven in Lugo; 164 for new projects and 88 for others already started. On the side of the corporate and foundational public sector, the number rises to 664.88 million, of which 658.1 correspond to projects started before 2022 and 6.78 to those that are scheduled to start next year.

Compensation funds

In the State budget for the year 2022, they are beneficiaries of the Galicia compensation funds, Andalusia, Asturias, Cantabria, Murcia, Valencian Community, Castilla-La Mancha, Canary Islands, Extremadura, Castilla y León and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Specifically, the Galician community has 39.35 million interterritorial compensation funds, 9.2% of the total and 2.1% more than in 2021. The project specifies that they are 9.84 million for health from a complementary fund and 29.51 also for the health field of the compensation fund.

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