García Egea calls for the union of the center-right to win and sets a goal: an absolute majority

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The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea, has had its own role in the national convention of his party. Just before the barons’ table, he took the stage to the rhythm of “The final countdown”, by Europe, in the Auditorium of the Palacio de las Artes, in Valencia, to remember that “without a party there is no government”, but also that the union of the center-right is essential to win. Egea has put the audience on its feet by underlining that the objective of the PP is not limited to being first in the polls, but that it is to grow much more until it reaches 176 deputies, an absolute majority.

“Unite to win, win to govern and govern so that the Spanish can build their vine project,” he stressed in a speech in which he praised Casado’s leadership. “You are the architect of bringing back the PP, and with you we will take Spain back to the top.”

Casado’s number two has reviewed the trajectory of the PP since Casado won the national congress in July 2018. “We had been evicted from the government with an unfair motion. Rebuilding the party is not an easy task. In these moments it was essential to reorganize to resist in those difficult moments. Set the course and stand firm, “he explained.

«What space should the PP occupy? If we aspire to once again be a great center-right party that forms a new majority, we must occupy precisely that space, “he remarked.

García Egea has stopped in a special way in the “governments of freedom”, the pacts with Citizens in different autonomous communities: “We decided that the governments of freedom would be with Cs and only with Cs. Agreeing with two partners who do not talk to each other is not easy, but three years later we all see that it was worth standing firm.

“The governments of freedom once again occupied the space to which the PP aspires. The centrality, the defense of the needs of the territory, freedom as a guiding principle, equal opportunities as a flag and the protection of the weakest as a moral obligation ”, defended the Secretary General.

García Egea has asked the audience a question: “Where would the PP be today if we had made Sánchez president?”

The number two of Casado has praised in a special way the victory of the PP in Andalusia, with special mention for Juanma Moreno, and the fourth absolute majority of Alberto Núñez Feijóo in Galicia. Both have received a strong ovation.

In the case of Madrid, he has attributed the electoral success to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, but also to Pablo Casado. In that sense, he has referred to the “magnificent victory in Madrid of the Popular Party.” “That night, in which Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Pablo Casado came out to greet us from the balcony of Genoa, it was shown that what Sánchez fears most is the union of the Spanish around the popular party, whatever the territorial scope.”

The ovation for Ayuso came when the ABC cover of his victory at the polls on May 4 appeared on the giant screen. At that moment, she was the one who got up and the whole audience gave her a standing ovation.

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