General Budgets of the … PNV and ERC, if anything



‘Habemus’ Budgets. Yes, yes, ‘habemus’, that the process of going through the amendments is going to be that, mere formality. And if not, time to time. Because with a simple and quick reading, you can quickly see to which preferred items the spending goes, and gives an idea of ​​that certainty: they seem to be approved. And I confirm that ‘habemus’ Budgets because before as now the necessary parliamentary support has a price. The worst, of course, is that those who must support him know it, and as at seven thirty they only have to reach the maximum number to receive, and without fear of going overboard. And in those that PNV and ERC obtain, a few more accounts, the title of preferred partners, something that

in the nationalist sphere it is a license to squeeze, a marque license for both you give up so much value.

Special mention should be made of the Iberdrola affair, where the PNV’s fear is twofold: on the one hand, the weakening of Ignacio Galán’s power company, one of his own; on the other, the domino effect that the strategy of generalizing damage is creating in the Basque business fabric, where numerous companies have already privately warned their honorable Members that they are going to paralyze production because its collar is worth more than the greyhound of sales with the price of energy going through the roof. They still have to back down with the issue of the electric ax, you see …

The fact is that with these wickers, the Government has sought to reissue the majority with which it managed to carry out the 2021 Budgets, which saw the light with a large number of ‘yeses’ from, guess what? ERC, PNV, Bildu , PDeCat, More Country, Compromís, Nueva Canarias, Teruel Existe and BNG. Already the Minister of Finance in the presentation of the accounts last week, described these partners as priorities, especially ERC and PNV, and also assured that the accounts already include some of their requirements. Well that. White and bottled. And in the amendments … well, it adds up and goes on.

The truth is that the detail of territorialized investment, which as a whole grows by 7.3%, is already a good appetizer of what is to come: Catalonia will receive 2,430.74 million euros, 17.2% of the investments and 6.14% more, while the wayward people in Madrid stay, as they say, practically out of the cast party, with half that of Catalans and 8.9% of GDP, despite bringing together 14 % of the Spanish population and generate more than 19% of GDP. While the Basques already have prisons, European funds and the Basque ‘Y’ in the bag …

What times were those in which there were general Budgets and, above all, a State!

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