«Gitana 17» returns to a “waiting” situation due to the deterioration of the weather window

Vigo (Pontevedra)



The waits to launch a world record such as the Jules Verne Trophy can be very long, even months or having to return to port if the weather conditions are not favorable to reach the Ecuador pass and Cape of Good Hope in less time than records set by other ships.

The «Gitana 17» team had made the determination to switch to “code orange” to set sail this Wednesday. Although with a very fair window between two low pressures crossing the North Atlantic: “We switched to orange with an exit probability that was later estimated between 70% and 80%. We were waiting for the evolution of this window to have more certainty about the connection in the South Atlantic. But last night, it was in the North Atlantic that the situation deteriorated with the emergence of a tropical depression across the path to the trade winds. This new element is not conducive to an exit, as it should significantly lengthen our trajectory towards the southern hemisphere. At the same time, the models also planned a very long route along the Brazilian and Uruguayan coasts to avoid the high pressures of Santa Helena, which is not in the direction of a record. “, detailed Charles Caudrelier.

The 40 days and 23 hours established by the “IDEC Sport” crew led by Francis Joyon in 2017, is a very difficult record to improve since they have been 4 days and 14 hours better than the one established by Loïck Peyron in 2012 with the super 40 meter long maxi trimaran «Banque Populaire V» (45 days 13 hours 42 minutes 53 seconds).

By Charles Caudrelier: “That is the difficulty of these pre-departure periods! The desire to leave is necessarily very present, but we are at the beginning of our stand-by and we must not rush. The record will be difficult to achieve and we need to have a departure window ambitious to have all our possibilities. “

For his part, Franck Cammas recalled: “The time criteria we are looking for are dictated by the actions that we know within the reach of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, but also by analyzing the different sequences of the record« IDEC Sport »in 2017. The passage of Ecuador and the time in Cabo de Agujas ( South Africa) are our first criteria. After 5 days on the equator it is no longer a good window and this is what our navigator Marcel Van Triest offered us “.

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