Global Omnium makes the leap to the US and monitors Vermont to detect coronavirus in wastewater




The global has already begun work to monitor the city of Burlington in Vermont, United States, to detect and stop the spread of the coronavirus. This new contract is a strategic step for the Valencian company, which is already supporting key cities in the states of California, Texas, Vermont and even in Mexico, with its technology for the management of the integral water cycle.

The Valencian company has opened two offices in New York and Colorado in the last year and has established GOAigua United States, from which the new contracts will be developed. A large team of experienced engineering professionals, developer experts, in data management have been incorporated for this purpose.

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In Spain, Valencia was the first city where the presence of Covid-19 in wastewater. Subsequently, other cities in the Valencian Community were added as well as in other regions of Spain, so that, at the moment, more than 17,000 water samples have been analyzed.

The city of Burlington is the first American city in which The global has implemented this pioneering method that anticipates the appearance of outbreaks by up to between ten and fifteen days, when their presence is detected in wastewater. The work operation consists of reaching upstream through collectors and sewers until the source of contagion is found. This also allows monitoring and reaching the buildings themselves, thereby protecting the most vulnerable groups.

Specifically, and in the case of Burlington, work began last October from a Sampling Plan agreed with local Burlington authorities and the Vermont Department of Health.

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More than two months later, there have been events of enormous social significance in the USA such as Halloween, the presidential elections or Thanksgiving and SARS GOAnalytics It has been shown to be an important tool to prevent and contain the presence of the virus in the city.

Brian LoweBurlington’s Director of Innovation said “SARS GOAnalytics is helping the city achieve its goals, keep schools and universities open and protect citizens.” “Burlington is placing particular emphasis on protecting at-risk groups by closely monitoring key areas such as nursing homes,” he added.

This program includes the integration of sampling data from different WWTPs and sewer inlets on the platform GoAigua SARS Analytics, where it is combined with demographic, socioeconomic, health and water consumption data in real time. By synthesizing the information from different data sources, GoAigua provides recommendations and action guides in line with those established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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«After a competitive process, GoAigua was selected to implement this phase of its Epidemiology Program for its expertise in water, wastewater, and analytics. Its data-centric platform creates actionable, real-time insights that will help us make informed decisions to keep our citizens safe during this time, ”Lowe said.

Additionally, officials from Burlington and the Vermont Department of Health are working together with the GoAigua team to detect outbreaks early, understand how the disease is spreading. coronavirus, take proactive measures and direct testing to the most affected areas.

This program is integrated with other actions and initiatives that seek to provide greater security to the population of the largest city in Vermont. The current commissioning is due to the need for it to be operational before winter, as experts believe that the coming months may be especially dangerous due to the combination of the coronavirus with seasonal flu.

Global Omnium has also reached an agreement with the Universities of Florida and George Mason to monitor their respective campuses to prevent the spread and curb the presence of Covid-19 at your facilities. Between them, they bring together thousands of students, and are among the most important in their states.

The University of Florida is among the four most important in the United States, and George Mason’s are two strategic points of enormous importance where we can contribute to curbing the presence of this virus.

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