González Laya replies to Maduro that Spain does not engage in coup practices or “condemn anyone for singing”

It also points to an increase in “false news” about human rights in Spain since Borrell’s trip to Moscow


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, replied this Monday to the latest attacks by the Nicolás Maduro regime against the Spanish Government that in Spain “no one is sentenced for singing”, alluding to the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél, nor is the Government engaged in “coup practices” as Chavismo has suggested due to González Laya’s upcoming trip to Colombia,

“The Government of Spain is not engaged in coup activities neither in Latin America or anywhere else in the world,” González Laya declared at a press conference in Brussels, after participating in a meeting with his European colleagues, when asked by the attacks received from Venezuela.

The head of Spanish diplomacy reacted in this way to the statements of the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who last week accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez of articulating with the Colombian president, Iván Duque, “coup and destabilizing plans against Venezuela since Colombia”.

González Laya has rejected these words and underlined that the trip to Colombia responds to the desire to recognize the effort that this country is making in hosting Venezuelan refugees, support the Peace Agreement and discuss a possible visit by Duque to Spain in the second half of this year.

In this way, the minister added, she has been fulfilling her wish to visit Colombia since last year, when she was forced to postpone the trip due to the coronavirus crisis, and not to any “coup practice.”

The attacks from ‘Chavismo’ in recent days against Spain have also used protests in several Spanish cities for the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, after a last conviction for exalting terrorism and insults to the Crown.

“In Spain, people are not convicted for singing,” the minister has settled, who wanted to recall in her appearance before the media that the rapper’s entry into prison responds to the accumulation of sentences, since, in addition to the More recently, he added others for injuries to a journalist and for assault on a witness in another case in which he was being tried.

González Laya has thus defended that Spain, “as in other member states”, is vigilant so that freedom of expression can be exercised “to its fullest extent” but without confusing the protection of this right with the use of violence.

The Spanish minister has also affirmed that none of her European colleagues has asked her about Hasél’s arrest and the riots that have been repeated for days in several Spanish cities.


However, by ruling out concern on the part of European partners regarding the situation in Spain, González Laya did want to link the reflection to an increase in the flow of false information about Spain disseminated as a result of the recent trip by the High Representative for Foreign Policy from the EU, Josep Borrell, to Moscow, where the former head of Spanish diplomacy heard how Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov used the cause of ‘Procés’ to cast doubt on the rule of law in the European Union .

González Laya has said that the Twenty-seven are aware of the Russian efforts to divide the European Union, but that the meeting of Foreign Ministers this Monday in Brussels gives off a clear message of unity in the face of attempts to destabilize from Moscow.

In this context, the Spanish minister has argued that the European center for disinformation has detected a boom in the number of false news and disinformation that has been generated in social networks since Borrell traveled to Moscow, false information in which “a Spain and its alleged human rights violations often appeared. “

A “fairly thick” volume of falsified content, said the minister, whose reading she recommends because “it gives an idea of ​​what are the activities to destabilize the EU through misinformation and false news.”


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