Gregorio Rivera Arellano: Road to the tangana



Coward, says my aunt, when I get clouded by explanations that could well be simpler.

This is what happens to me these days when the word «Tangana» She arrived on Friday morning and she has had a gigantic weekend and I still seem to not understand her. But the word is still here, with me, with many of you, with whom we have discussed coffees, beers and meals. Toledo has been in the crosshairs of Christianity and now, due to lack of news, it seems that we are all professors to speak on the subject.

Simply. I don’t know what that word means. In the dictionaries that I frequent, that term does not appear. I write it on the computer and it seems that there are like three meanings. A cylindrical piece used for games, uproar or scandal and as a third, it would be the artistic name of a rapper who has put his latest success by placing Toledo on the map and as the center his magnificent cathedral with rhythm and lyrics.

My house is a house of prayer. And I’m not saying it for the Primada. My house is a house of prayer and as the Cathedral of Toledo is not exempt from temptations to fall into scandals, riots, voices or confusion. The sacred places are a great claim for the culture for the customs that it has generated in history. They are the precise framework for their artistic beauty that many people seek to record or produce their work, giving a space of tradition, antiquity and roots. But we cannot forget that sacred temples are houses for prayer, prayer, invocation, and not so much for speech, speeches or lectures. Much less for the dance. Although history has taught us that some dances have been liked and have become sanctified.

It was half past ten on Friday and his cell phone was already saturated with cathedral wasas. Images and texts that created a horrible image for me of what had been recorded inside the Cathedral of Toledo. There is a crisis cabinet. The thing seems more serious. I can finally watch the video and read the lyrics. It does not seem as strong as I had supposed. But it is the cathedral. My house is a house of prayer. How could he have scored such a great goal with a meringue dance. What a weekend. What a bridge of the Pilarica. It seems that all these days I have been dancing regatón in the Chapter House and the cloisters of San Juan de los Reyes.

My aunt, who is very ultra, has been modernizing over the years, but without losing her stale morals, she calls me a coward. With what you liked to dance with, he tells me. And reason is not lacking. The years have appeased my renewing dancing spirit due to customs that have aged my legs with conservative and extremist airs. I keep dancing, but more with my imagination than with my feet. So now … I’ll be wise when dancing. And they called it prudent.

My house is a house of prayer. The one who forgives first is the one who loves the most.

Friar Gregorio Rivera Arellano he is a Franciscan priest

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