Guide to the restrictions of the pandemic for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Three Kings in Catalonia




Fire this stormy year 2020 It will not be an easy task. Doing it with family and large groups of friends, almost impossible. This is clear from the de-escalation plan made public yesterday by the Generalitat of Catalonia, which outlines how the traditional celebrations of Christmas Eve, Christmas, San Esteban and New Year’s Eve should be on this occasion.

– Family dinners and meetings: Catalans will have to put off big dinners and lunches with cousins, uncles, nephews, grandchildren and brothers-in-law for later. On this occasion, the Department of Health will allow, at most, groups of ten people corresponding, in addition, to two bubbles of habitual coexistence or an “expanded bubble”. In practice, this means not seeing distant relatives or politicians at Christmas who do not see each other during the rest of the year.

– Mobility: You will not be able to enter or leave Catalonia during the Christmas weeks, this will make it difficult to meet with distant relatives or the arrival of relatives who live and work abroad, but return home on these special dates. It will also not be allowed to move between health areas that are in different de-escalation “sections” during weekends. That will affect the days of Christmas, Saint Stephen and New Years, which fall on Saturday or Friday. The curfew will continue to be from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. also during the Holidays.

– Iglesias: The traditional Misa del Gallo must be celebrated with a reduced capacity of 30% and may gather a maximum of 100 people. In addition, you must advance your schedule because it is not contemplated that there may be people in the street beyond 10pm even if they come from Mass.

– Restaurants: The restaurants must hurry to attend the orders and will not be able to organize New Year’s Eve dinners. Not surprisingly, deliveries will be allowed until 11pm or local pick-ups until 10pm. At Christmas it is also planned that restaurants will have 50% of their capacity from 6 in the morning to 9 at night.

– Purchases and plans: Cinemas, theaters and concert halls may open at 70% of their capacity. In turn, stores and markets will be able to open at 50% of their capacity. Shopping centers may open, but with a capacity of 30% and without “common spaces.”

– Horseback riding and nativity scenes: Many Catalan children will have to welcome the Magi from their homes. Not surprisingly, city councils such as Barcelona have decided to suspend the traditional parade with their majesties and replace it with a televised show. Yes, you can participate in other traditions, such as the Santa Llúcia market in the Cathedral and the Sagrada Familia or the nativity scenes at the Museu Marés.

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