Guterres calls for making “an investment in humanity” and financing the UN emergency aid fund


The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has made this Tuesday an appeal to finance with hundreds of millions of dollars the Central Fund for Action in Emergencies (CERF), which responds to crises around the world, since it means making “an investment in humanity” for its humanitarian action “based on principles, coordinated, swift and agile”.

Guterres has referred to the CERF as “fast” and “non-bureaucratic”, adding that “it is sometimes the only source of funds for a true emergency response, because other funds may arrive too late to be effective.”

The CERF is therefore an “important instrument” to bring together the entire United Nations system and to intervene in “forgotten crises that do not attract donor funding”.

In fact, Guterres has made mention of his time as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and how he used CERF many times to fund emergency actions for refugees “quickly and at scale”.

“In the chaos of a humanitarian emergency, that makes a huge difference,” added the top United Nations representative. In 2020, CERF has provided a record $ 225 million (about € 185 million) to some 20 underserved and underfunded crises.

For this reason, he has urged countries to finance CERF, since it represents “an investment in humanity”, especially with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

CERF has provided $ 820 million (about 676 million euros) in life-saving assistance to people in 52 countries in the context of COVID-19, which is “the highest amount ever allocated in a single year, appropriately for this year of unprecedented crisis – and a testament to the commitment of its donors, “according to Guterres.

In addition, CERF also responded to the after-effects of the pandemic, including $ 100 million (€ 82 million) to seven countries in Africa and the Middle East to support people at risk of hunger, and a record 65 million dollars (53 million euros) to prevent and respond to gender-based violence.

Guterres has asked countries for a commitment, since “if all member and associated states allocate a small percentage of their humanitarian funding through CERF, we will be able to achieve our goal”, set in 2016 by the General Assembly on a budget of 1,000 million of dollars

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