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The priest JLG, accused of repeatedly abusing a minor in Talavera de la Reina for years, has denied this Tuesday the facts at the Toledo Provincial Court, in the trial that is being followed against him.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests for this priest 17 years in prison for a continuous crime of sexual assaults and another against the moral integrity of the young woman, in addition to not approaching her within 300 meters for 20 years.

She is now 23 years old and a brilliant student who “wants to help abused girls”says his lawyer, who raises his request for a sentence up to 22 years in prison. Instead, the defense demands the acquittal of his client, who had a sentimental relationship with the victim’s mother during the alleged events, as both have recognized in the first of the three scheduled sessions of the trial.

«We ask five years more than the Prosecutor’s Office because He was the spiritual director in a girls’ school and was, perhaps, the father figure whom he idolized», Has justified the lawyer for the private prosecution, María Victoria Vega. “It is not the same for someone you trust to do it to you, in the name of God and in the name of the Church, as it happens to someone you don’t know. We have taken all of this into account ”, he added.

The prisoner, who is at liberty, has gone to the Palace of Justice dressed as a priest, with a cap and dark glasses, in addition to the relevant mask, to hide your image. The session, which was to be a public hearing, was finally held behind closed doors, in response to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to preserve the identity of the complainant.

“We have fought a lot, many years fighting to get the truth out and for this priest to end up where he has to end”, said the attorney for the private prosecution in a recess of five minutes. «The priest has said [en la sala] the usual: lies. He has denied it, he has always denied it », has affirmed on the declaration of the priest before the court. «I am struck by the fact that he appeared dressed as a priest from head to toe when his defense focuses on the fact that he has a sentimental relationship with the mother of my daughter, of my client. When I studied, you couldn’t. Well now you can, “added the lawyer. “I am struck by the fact that he continues to come to testify face-to-face and that he swears to tell the truth and does not say it,” he continued.

The declaration of his “child”, as her lawyer affectionately calls her, “has been very hard, very difficult. It has taken him a long time, but he has been very brave, super brave, “said the lawyer, who stated that her client he is still under medical treatment in a hospital. The young woman, ostensibly thin, has declared behind a screen accompanied by her psychiatrist, with whom she has also left the hand of the Court and that this Wednesday she will testify as an expert.

In her explicit indictment, the prosecutor in the case describes that the minor was 14 years old when she began to live “a situation of anguish and confusion due to being immersed in an environment of family conflict” derived from the marital crisis of her parents. For that reason, from his school, Compañía de María de Talavera, they assigned the accused as spiritual director. «In such a way that it became for [la menor] in a reference person where to seek protection, given the distance he had with his father at that time, “says the prosecutor. In addition, the accused was a man of reference in the life of the adolescent “because of his marked religious feelings, and who was presupposed an impeccable ethics and morality by virtue of being a priest.”

The priest’s spiritual direction lasted four years. At the beginning, the talks were given in the school and later they took place in a parish. In January 2011, one day when the two were alone, the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the accused asked her for a kiss, she refused and the priest abused the minor while she was crying and he called her a “whore.” Then he apologized to the girl, told her not to be afraid because “he did not want to hurt her, and gave her a hug,” describes the representative of the Public Ministry

However, according to the prosecutor, the inmate repeated this behavior for two and a half years, until June 2013, in the spiritual direction talks he had with the young woman every fifteen days, always alone. The same “lascivious touching,” he says texually, as on the first occasion. “The accused came to normalize this behavior and, when both were alone in the office [parroquial] I locked it, “he says.

The prosecutor assures that, at that time, the priest even told her that “if you tell it, no one is going to believe you.” In addition, he insulted her and beat her, “on one occasion to beat her up that had to be treated in a hospital.”

Subsequently, psychiatric pathologies began to surface in the victim. The defendant had a sentimental relationship with the mother of the minor and convinced the mother to perform an exorcism, “since they told him that she was ill because she had a demon inside,” says the prosecutor. According to his account, the priest performed the ritual in front of the mother and asked the young woman several questions related to sexual matters.

The next day he wanted to repeat the ritual and sexually abused the girl, hitting her with a belt, according to the prosecutor. Later there were more encounters in which similar behaviors were repeated “until she was admitted to a hospital again as a result of the psychiatric pathologies she suffered.”

In the session, the father, ostensibly thin like his daughter, and the mother, who has come as a witness for the priest, has also declared. But “why isn’t her mother accused?” The young woman’s lawyer was asked during recess. María Victoria Vega shrugged her shoulders.

Four hours later, the first session has concluded and the priest has left the audience light, with his cap and dark glasses hiding his face, to avoid the journalists.

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