Health prioritizes vaccination of pregnant women and asks them to limit their contacts



The Public Health Commission, made up of the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities, and the Federation of Spanish Scientific Medical Associations (FACME) have agreed on a series of recommendations for vaccination against Covid-19 in pregnant women.

Among his advice, he highlights that pregnant women arrive “fully vaccinated” at the period of maximum risk of complications in case of Covid-19 infection, that is, at the end of the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

The vaccination strategy considers since its elaboration the possibility of vaccinating pregnant women due to the greater risk of developing serious disease, especially those with certain risk factors associated with serious disease (advanced maternal age, greater body mass, chronic arterial hypertension, pre-eclampsia and pre-existing diabetes).

In Update 7 of the Strategy, it was agreed to recommend vaccination to pregnant or lactating women with mRNA vaccines when appropriate according to the prioritization group to which they belonged. This recommendation was made after a review of available vaccine safety data for nearly 40,000 pregnant women who received mRNA vaccines was published in the United States.

The largest series that includes the vaccination trimester did not find a specific pattern of congenital anomalies regardless of the time of vaccination; however, the Public Health Commission recognizes that “The available evidence is still limited.” “Nor is there information available that relates the ideal time to vaccinate the pregnant woman and the greater protection conferred on the newborn,” they admit.

In any case, Health points out that «It seems that the risk of complications affects not only the third trimester but also to the final stages of the second trimester ». “At this time, it is especially necessary to recommend vaccination of pregnant women to reduce the risk of complications, both for the mother and the newborn,” they insist.

In this sense, they defend that the vaccine “prevents complications during pregnancy, especially if there are higher risk factors such as obesity, age over 35 years, high blood pressure, diabetes or pre-eclampsia.” In addition, they clarify that “there is no contraindication for vaccination in any trimester of pregnancy.”

Therefore, they urge «Prioritize vaccination of pregnant women due to their increased risk against Covid-19, promoting specific recruitment strategies for pregnant women. These recommendations state that the vaccines chosen for the vaccination of pregnant women must be mRNA, regardless of the age of the pregnant woman.

In the same way, they encourage people around the pregnant woman to be “correctly vaccinated” and that both pregnant women and cohabitants limit contacts as much as possible, use a mask, wash their hands, ventilate spaces, maintain interpersonal distance and avoid the crowds.

If you are planning a pregnancy, Health and autonomous communitiess come «it is advisable to complete the vaccination before». However, they say that “you can ask your healthcare professional about the best time to get vaccinated.”

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