Hong Kong adds 90 more cases of coronavirus and registers a new death for the second day in a row

China registers another fifteen cases from abroad and two of local transmission in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia


Hong Kong has added 90 more infections this Thursday, which means that the city has reached an accumulated 6,589 cases, after several days registering record figures, and has confirmed the death of another patient, and already adds 111, the second consecutive and the third so far this week.

Meanwhile, local health authorities have expressed concern that a third of these new infections could not be traced and the possibility of a new outbreak in one of the city’s public hospitals, after one of their patients test positive when she was to be discharged.

In the face of the Christmas campaign, in which a significant arrival of people is expected to the city, several hotels have already presented their credentials to welcome foreign citizens who will be required to pass a quarantine period, the newspaper has said. ‘South China Morning Post’.

Of the last 90 cases, 31 have not been able to be traced, while eleven of them come from abroad, from regional neighbors such as Asians Indonesia, the Philippines, or Japan, as well as Nepal, Pakistan, France and Russia.

In turn, the Ministry of Health of China has confirmed this time around fifteen cases of coronavirus from abroad, as well as another two of local transmission, located in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

The number of imported COVID-19 cases has risen to 3,904 in China and the total number of positives nationwide to 86,584, although the death toll remains at 4,634.

Of the last fifteen infections from abroad, nine have been registered in the municipality of Shanghai, as well as another two in the provinces of Fujian and Henan, respectively. The provincial regions of Shandong and Guangzhou have each added one more positive.

On the other hand, the Health portfolio has reported that twelve people have received medical discharge in the last 24 hours, although 271 patients continue to be admitted, five of them in serious condition. The number of recovered is 81,679.

In turn, 429 people who had had direct contact with infected people have concluded their stay in medical facilities in the last 24 hours, although there are still 7,077 under observation.


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