Horseback riding, party favors, masses … What will happen to the great Christmas events?



The Ministry of Health drew up a series of measures that will have to be adopted, to a greater or lesser extent, by all the autonomous communities for these Christmas. The objective of the government is to prevent the coronavirus case curve from accelerating during the dates of celebrations and therefore some restrictions have been placed, such as the limit of people who can meet at dinners on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, curfews and restrictions on movement to other regions of Spain.

Events with large numbers of people are prohibited

These Christmases will be different from those known in previous years, since the restrictions are greater when it comes to being able to concentrate with loved ones. Health It does not see feasible, and therefore does not allow, events with large numbers of people. This means there will be no party favors or parades. In this case, what they recommend from the department of Salvador Illa They are horseback riding wise men static, whose access is controlled.

In the same bag are the taking of grapes and bells. It is necessary that they be retransmitted as far as possible on television or do them virtually, according to the Health document. The mayor of Madrid himself, Martinez-Almeida, recommended to the Madrilenians that they “not go to the Sun Gate», The usual place where the entrance to the new year is celebrated and where a large crowd forms, unthinkable in these times of pandemic.

Crowds can also be those of some families at family celebrations. These will be limited to a maximum of 10 people, and as long as they may be from the same cohabitant bubble. Related to this are the night parties or cotillions. Neither are they anticipated by the accumulation of people, as well as by the night curfew, established in most regions from 1.30am to 6.00am.

What about the Misa del Gallo and other religious celebrations?

Every year at midnight on Christmas Eve, parishioners flock to Church to celebrate the Midnight mass. What will happen this year with this religious celebration? The Health document says the following: «The mass of the rooster will not be an obstacle to compliance with the regulation regarding the limitation of the freedom of movement of people at night. It is recommended to offer telematic or television services as an alternative ”.

Regarding the rest of the religious acts it is recommended to abstain from singing and to reproduce, instead, the songs prerecorded. Likewise, the recommendation is indicated to avoid devotion and tradition such as kisses, contacts on images and sculptures, so that they can be replaced by others that do not entail a health risk. For their part, these religious ceremonies must respect the capacity standards established in each autonomous community.

And the cultural and sports activities?

Christmas cultural events are also included in the Health document. All those that are held in cinemas, theaters, marquees or auditoriums must respect the capacity limits. What is recommended is that they be carried out outdoors as far as possible and complying with the safety distance measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19.

At Sports field It is a tradition every year to celebrate the popular Christmas races, whether it be the carnival costumes Santa Claus o la San Silvestre. This year, although the different communities will have the final decision, Health does not contemplate them. Instead it says that it is better to replace them with “virtual participation modalities.”

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