hoteliers will lose 1,080 million and there will be 8,000 fewer contracts due to the coronavirus




The bars and restaurants of the Valencian Community are going to lose 1,080 million euros of turnover this Christmas due to the reduction in celebrations of friends and family and company lunches and dinners, due to the crisis of the coronavirus, which will translate into 8,000 workers who will not be hired by these dates.

The hospitality establishments have, to date, very few reservations of company lunches and dinners for Christmas, and they estimate that the effects of the contraction will be a reduction of 60 percent of the usual invoicing in the Christmas campaign , a percentage that may still increase, according to the president of the Valencia Hospitality Business Federation (Hostelería Valencia) and of Conhostur, Manuel Espinar placeholder image.

[La Comunidad Valenciana afronta las fiestas con la peor evolución del virus de España]

In the Valencian Community, despite not being the worst in evolution of the coronavirus in Spain, there are variables that greatly concern this sector, one of the most affected by the pandemic of the Covid-19.

For Espinar, the government’s restrictions on the number of people attending family reunions is “incongruous” if one takes into account that the sources of contagion “are mostly occurring in the family environment” and he asks: “Are they going away? to put the mask in a house, are the windows going to be opened? ”, in contrast to the measures of the premises, where hydroalcoholic gel is available to the client, the air is renewed and the use of the mask is mandatory before and after to eat.

“Let’s be honest, I am not saying that there are no families that do not do it, but how many could it be, two percent?”, Insists the hotelier, to point out that from outside Spain they already say that we prepare for a possible third wave of coronavirus because with our character, different from that of the French, Swiss or British, “the only safe environment is the hospitality industry.”

Protocols Covid-19 in Spain established in the premises through the Institute of Tourism Quality, they are “the strictest” but since the bars and restaurants raised their blinds in June, they remain below the profitability threshold and with some prospects of loss of workforce “Brutal” for one of the highest hiring peaks throughout the year.

[La Generalitat permitirá reuniones de diez personas y reagrupamientos de familiares]

“It is unfortunate, if the aid we ask for does not arrive, 30 percent will not open in January (equivalent to the disappearance of 10,000 companies)”, predicts the president of the hoteliers, who nevertheless maintains the hope of a small rebound in December .

Espinar refers to the rescue plan for the sector requested by Hostelería Valencia, which consists of a package of direct aid from the Generalitat for a value of 80 million destined to all the hotel industry of the Valencian Community, which would allow to cushion the situation they drag.

The plan calls for direct non-refundable aid for the survival of companies and the self-employed, as well as the modification of the business premises rental regime, eliminating or reducing their payment during periods of closure or limitation due to restrictions.

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The hoteliers need that money to make the transition from November to December after a month of November in which the payment of the taxes deferred in April arrived for the coronavirus, but the Valencian Government “has not paid attention”, unlike other communities, such as Cantabria, Andalusia, Galicia or Catalonia, which have made decisions about payments.

The Generalitat, regrets, “has not yet taken action on the matter, it is very sad and unfortunate, when we are essential elements in the tourist organization of the Valencian Community.”

Voucher for «Giving Hospitality»

The Valencia Hospitality Business Federation has launched in collaboration with Caixa Popular the “Regala Hostelería” voucher, which is being promoted among companies, to promote a sector that is “ground zero of the pandemic, the most punished and criminalized and the one that is experiencing the worst economically.”

Through the voucher, companies will be able to give their workers cards to consume in hospitality with a minimum value of 25 euros, an initiative to which more than 60 restaurants have already joined as an alternative to Christmas lunches and dinners.

In this way, although it is not possible to celebrate a company dinner with all the employees due to the restrictions, the employer will be able to give the workers a voucher for a minimum value of 25 euros to consume in the hospitality industry, valid for three months , from December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. It is a catalyst for the sector and offers an alternative to company lunches and dinners, according to Espinar.

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