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Spain has been participating in the Olympic Games since 1900. That year the second in history were celebrated, after the first in 1896 in Athens.

In Paris 1900 eight athletes were those who competed. And in these Games the first medal in history was obtained thanks to the Vasca ball. A gold that belongs to the pair of pelotaris, Francisco Villota and José de Amenzola.

Subsequently, Spain did not send any of its athletes to the Olympic Games. It took 20 years to return to competition. In Antwerp 1920 59 athletes from the Spanish delegation traveled to Belgium. There, two silver medals were achieved: in polo and in soccer.

From then on, Spain entered a time of medal drought. Until the Games of Barcelona 92, Spain only obtained 13 medals (four golds, seven silvers and two bronzes).

With the Barcelona Olympic Games The medals were increased to 22. 13 golds, seven silvers and two bronzes were the winners. In addition, the first medal for a female athlete was celebrated at these Games. The judoka Miriam blasco rose with gold.

In the following years the medals also increased. The average was around 20 trophies, except for those of Sydney 2000, where 11 were achieved.

These numbers lead to Spain having obtained 154 medals –38 gold, 59 silver and 36 bronze–, to which must be added those won in Tokyo 2020.

All the medals won by Spain in the Olympic Games

  • Paris 1900: 1 medal (gold)
  • Antwerp 1920: 2 medals (silver)
  • Paris 1924: 0 medals
  • Amsterdam 1928: 1 medal (gold)
  • Los Angeles 1932: 1 medal (bronze)
  • London 1948: 1 medal (silver)
  • Helsinki 1952: 1 medal (Plata)
  • Melbourne 1956: 0 medallas
  • Rome 1960: 1 medal (bronze)
  • Tokyo 1964: 0 medals
  • Mexico 1968: 0 medals
  • Munich 1972: 1 medal (bronze)
  • Montreal 1976: 2 medals (silver)
  • Moscow 1980: 6 medals (gold, three silver and two bronze)
  • Los Angeles 1984: 5 medals (gold, two silver and two bronze)
  • Seoul 1988: 4 medals (gold, silver, two bronzes)
  • Barcelona 1992: 22 medals (13 golds, seven silvers and two bronzes)
  • Atlanta 1996: 17 medals (five golds, six silvers and six bronzes)
  • Sydney 2000: 11 medals (three golds, three silvers and five bronzes)
  • Athens 2004: 20 medals (three golds, eleven silvers and six bronzes)
  • Beijing 2008: 19 medals (five golds, eleven silvers and three bronzes)
  • London 2012: 18 medals (four golds, ten silver and four bronzes)
  • Rio de Janeiro 2016: 17 medals (seven golds, four silvers and six bronzes)

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