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The inside plants They are one of the great trends in decoration for this summer, but they have many other benefits such as serving as humidifiers and natural air purifiers, bring optimism and create more relaxing environments. The contrast of green plants with neutral colors and natural materials provides a sense of calm and authenticity in the home.

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What plants can you have indoors?

The place where the plants are located is vital so that they receive more or less sunlight.  / Uliana Loliasa
The place where the plants are located is vital so that they receive more or less sunlight. / Uliana Loliasa

Not all plants can live and develop indoors and in conditions, normally, with less sunlight. They are usually tropical plants that find an environment according to their needs within the home. There are a wide variety of possibilities, but you have to take into account the characteristics of the home to be able to choose well.

The location is very important because you have to try to have natural light, although not all require it; humidity and constant temperature, between 15º and 25º and that are not exposed to drafts.

What care do indoor plants need?

It depends a lot on the plant time, but, above all, you have to pay attention to irrigation which, in summer, has to be practically daily. The best way to know if it is necessary to water the plant is to check if the soil is moist, if it is it is better to wait.

One of the fundamental care of indoor plants is to ensure that water does not accumulate at the bottom of the pot and that there is good drainage so that the roots do not rot. Overwatering is the most common cause of death for indoor plants. It is better to sin by default than by excess.

Five perfect indoor plants for summer


Potato is a plant from the jungles of Malaysia and is the ideal choice if you are looking for durable indoor plants. If you tend to forget watering and wonder which indoor plants are the most resistant? El Poto is one of them.

Elegant, does not need much care and grows very quickly, fits anywhere. Of course, if there are animals at home, you have to be careful because ingesting the leaves can be detrimental to their health.


It is, perhaps, the most decorative option or, at least, the most spectacular. The Bromeliad or Viriesia Plant is one of the most beautiful flowering indoor plants. Within the bromeliad family there are many different specimens, the Guzmania, in the image, is a plant with irregular shapes that captivates looks and brings personality to any corner.

It is also one of the more decorative hardy houseplants so it does not need much care either.


If your house is not especially bright and you need to know what indoor plants need little light? The Calathea is one of the best answers, since it only needs to be located in a place with a little clarity, without direct sunlight.

It is one of the most beautiful green indoor plants with its ribs that offer different shades of green and the underside of purple. Needs humidity so it is convenient to spray it with water and it cannot live with temperatures below 15º.


There is no plant more grateful than the Spatifilo. It is one of the indoor plants without light, that is, does not need direct sunlightIt is enough that there is clarity in the room; it warns that it needs to be watered when its leaves fall to the ground and it blooms throughout the year.

The Lily of Peace, as it is also known, it is very elegant and, with all these virtues, it is not surprising that it is a true best seller and a plant that shines in any environment or style.

Aloe Vera

Its healing properties have made it one of the fashionable plants. Aloe Vera can be both inside and outside the home and needs very little care. It also does not require a lot of water to develop and, in addition to being very decorative, it allows you to have a natural remedy with multiple uses.

All these plants are perfect for the summer because they require little care and do not need an excessive consumption of water. Each one has its own characteristics and offers different things, you just have to choose the best one for the home, or better yet, combine them in different rooms or in the same room.

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