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Summer is synonymous with vacations and travel, two factors that significantly influence when it comes to configure summer looks. The warmth combined with the search for garments that are as versatile as possible and that take up little space in the suitcase invites you to sharpen your ingenuity to find the right model. Regarding trends, although the robes, kaftans and oversized designs never fail, tight mini dresses are another favorite resource.

However, opting for this type of pattern is much more delicate, hence it is key to be aware of the figure you have to choose wisely the most flattering cuts and the areas to highlight. Faced with the question of whether it is possible to find a dress that is tight and that helps the silhouette look more stylized, the response offered by the trends of the moment makes it clear that it is possible. It is more, it is much simpler than it may seem, you just have to look at a number of key points.

A good example to find the perfect inspiration and hit when shopping is found in some of the latest styles of influencers, which are shelled below.

Rocío Osorno – Push up effect

The designer wears one of the best-selling dresses this summer of Zara, It is a metallic model with a halter neckline that has a point in favor so that the figure is accentuated, and it is none other than the double lining that acts as ‘girdle effect’ Since, by adjusting to the waist and exceeding the hips area with the draping, the sensation of a less bulky abdomen is created.

Alba Díaz – Oversize and contrast in the cuts

In the image the young woman wears an off-white design of House of CB that accentuates your curves and lengthens your legs thanks to several factors. On the one hand, the skirt, which is presented with a drape and asymmetric hem that are very suitable when you want the area to be seen with less volume. On the other, the upper part is wider, playing with the proportions and balancing the figure at the right point to make it look more stylized. Conclusion: asymmetries and contrasts, very suitable to divert attention to the areas that are desired.

María Pombo – Strategic Drapes

Although it seems that fluid and bulky fabrics are optimal to appear one size smaller, garments with rigid materials such as your dress Zara (which, by the way, is out of stock) can be much more effective. The reason is very simple, having more body they have a enhancement effect perfect to define the silhouette.

Lorena Durán – Honeycomb

The model bets on a design of Inma’s dressing room very versatile for any time of day depending on the accessories that are added. The honeycomb can be a double-edged sword in this case, since if it extends only through the chest area it can contribute to the upper part being seen with too much volume. But in his case, being something more extensive and covering part of the abdomen helps to enhance the shaping effect.

Chiara Ferragni – Heavy fabrics with drape

Although the point is seen as one of the fabrics that most reveal imperfections, if it is chosen wisely it can be one of the most flattering. The slightly heavy materials with some drape they turn out perfect. In addition, if a thin belt like the Italian one is included, the effect will be enhanced.

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