How to recover the eating routines in adolescents lost in summer now




Professional College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Madrid (Codinma)
warns that adolescence is a stage “of risk of nutritional excesses and deficiencies”, so that special attention must be paid to eating during the summer holidays, although they add that “September can be a good month to reestablish lost routines”. As these experts warn, in summer schedules are altered, some excesses are committed and exercise is not carried out with the same frequency and intensity. However, “there is no need to be alarmed,” say Codinma experts.

According to dietitians-nutritionists, the adolescent’s eating behavior is determined by numerous external factors, such as family characteristics, friends, social and cultural values, media, nutritional knowledge, experiences and personal beliefs; and internal: physiological characteristics and needs, body image, preferences and aversions regarding food, psychosocial development and health. For these reasons, “we must try to create a healthy environment in the environment of children and adolescents so that they grow up with good eating habits», They add.

Factors influencing food choice

The factors that most influence the choice of a food, according to Codinma, are: taste; familiarity / habit; the fact that it is a healthy food; dieting and satiety. Therefore, “one of the most important aspects is that, from a young age, at home, they are offered healthy food.” Among others, there are fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and eggs.

Regarding the ways to prepare these foods, Codinma’s dietitians-nutritionists advise cooking them on the grill, baked or steamed, and use spices or dressings that are pleasant to the palate of young people, “because enjoying food is essential,” they add.

In addition, experts recall other habits that help establish good eating patterns, such as avoiding television, mobile phones and consoles when eating; eat in company, preferably with the family, whenever possible; participate in the preparation of the food and help with the shopping.

What to consume and in what quantities

Dietitians-nutritionists warn that a large number of adolescents do not meet the daily recommendations for food consumption. According to the NAOS Pyramid proposed by the
Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition
Eating a healthy diet consists of consuming fruits, vegetables, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and olive oil daily; several times a week it is advisable to eat fish, legumes, eggs and nuts.

Thus, in the event of any doubts that may arise, Codinma recommends and advises to go to the experts, since “the work of the dietitian-nutritionist is essential for the adequate nutritional treatment of children and adolescents.”

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