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Take weight off the floor by flexing your back, answer the phone holding him with shoulder and head, or using shoulder bags are some of the most common situations that cause back pain. But normally we do not realize that having an incorrect posture when sitting in the car can also cause us discomfort and even injury, in addition to being a possible risk in the event of an accident.

Drive with one hand holding the steering wheel and the other on the gear shift lever, stick your elbow out the window, wearing the backrest too straight or too inclinedare some of the most common positions behind the wheel. With them, many drivers seek their greater comfort, without knowing that they may be causing significant health problems. In addition, it can also lead to a fine, since it is not allowed, for example, to drive without holding the steering wheel with both hands, or to carry your elbow against the window frame.

Good posture in the car means driving more relaxed and also reducing the risk of an accident, so before starting the vehicle, make sure you are in the correct position.

Currently most vehicles have seats designed for drivers to achieve a suitable position. Since after by Zurich recommend us, when placing the seat, check that when fully depressing the clutch, we keep the leg straight, but with the knee slightly bent. In the case of an automatic vehicle, the distance will be marked by the position of the steering wheel. We also have to wear a suitable height so that nothing obstructs our vision and we feel comfortable.

Our back must go as straight as possible, maintaining comfort, to be able to maneuver perfectly. The headrest should be just behind our head to avoid the negative effects of whiplash, in the event of an accident. Even if the vehicle has armrests, we should not abuse its use.

When looking for the correct position of the arms with respect to the steering wheel, the posture of the arms directly influences the shoulders and the back. Therefore, the ideal height is the one that joins the center of the steering wheel with our neck in a straight line. As for the ideal distance, we must check if, with our back fully supported, we touch the upper part of the steering wheel with our wrist.

For the placement of the mirrors We will take into account that the ideal is that we can have the largest field of vision with the least possible neck movement, preventing our cervicals from suffering.

In addition to having a correct posture in the seat, it is also advisable to make stops and get off the vehicle if we make long journeys. Moving the body and changing posture prevents fatigue.

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