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Tattoos are more than a fashion, for many people it is the way to express tastes, feelings, ideas, memories … Summer is the perfect time to show them on beaches and swimming pools, but it is also a dangerous time, especially when it comes to a recent tattoo In fact, the experts They do not advise getting a tattoo during these months, although many people, having more free time, tend to do so. A recent tattoo is still a wound, and sweat or moisture can make it difficult to healIn addition, at this time it is more exposed to infection. Nor should a recent tattoo be exposed directly to the sun, even with protection. The ink may spoil and not be as intended.

The Dr. Carlos Morales Raya, an expert in aesthetic dermatology, explains that “tattooed skin requires special care, since it is skin that has been traumatized With the multi-function and being colored it is more difficult to discern the warning signs of dryness, dermatitis, sunburn, etc. For this reason it is of special importance hydrate it with emollients suitable for each skin type and fotoprotegerla with special attention to avoid burns ».

High sun protection for tattooed skin

To protect tattoos from the sun, you should use a high sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50. The doctor Cristian Valenzuela, from the advanced dermatology team at Institut Médico Ricart, recommends «protect them from the sun in the same way that we protect the rest of our skin: with photoprotection and physical measures such as appropriate clothing, hats, umbrellas and avoiding sun exposure at peak hours, which are from 12 to 17 in the afternoon. In addition, the expert recalls that “the sun causes oxidation of dyes or pigmentstherefore, the longer a tattoo is exposed to the sun, the more its color will deteriorate ”.

For the first two weeks after getting a tattoo, avoid sunbathing and bathing on the beach or in the pool.
For the first two weeks after getting a tattoo, avoid sunbathing and bathing on the beach or in the pool. – Instagram @mario_houses

On the other hand, Dr. Carlos Morales Raya comments that “skin aging and the appearance of sun spots would spoil the art of tattooing. Also, tanning makes decrease the contrast between skin and tattoo with what the colors would seem more attenuated ».

Therefore, the ideal is to protect the tattooed skin as much as possible from the sun, avoiding exposing it whenever possible to preserve it better. Along with sun protection, in summer it is convenient to increase hydration, because it is normal for the skin to be drier, which would also affect the aesthetics of the tattoo.

How to take care of a freshly done tattoo in summer?

Although the summer months are not the best to get a tattoo, if you have done it you will have to take into account certain issues to take care of it. Remember that a tattoo is still an aggression on the skin that could become infected if not treated properly. Ideally, during the first two weeks do not expose it to the sun and hydrate it with Vaseline and repairing creams. The doctor Elena Gallo, a dermatologist on Dr. Amselem’s team of aesthetic doctors, advises «to keep the skin clean, patting it dry and avoiding direct jets of water. Use daily moisturizer and a sunscreen until the scabs that form immediately after the tattoo have come off and the redness of the skin has subsided. One has to avoid swimming in the sea and in the pool until the wounds that occur during the tattoo are healed. It is also convenient avoid tight clothing that can be pasted into the tattoo. ‘

If you keep the skin hydrated and protected from the sun, your tattoos will last longer. And at any sign of infection or allergic reaction, do not stop going to the doctor.

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