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In vacation travel season There are many people who want to travel to other communities and wonder whether or not to bring the dog. Taking it on vacation is a good idea to enjoy with the family, but sometimes it is difficult to travel by car with your pet, children and luggage. So there are many who wonder, ¿how should we carry our pet in the car?

It is important and necessary to know that you have to comply with some rules when traveling with pets, so that both the animal and the rest of the occupants of vehicle are as safe as possible. Here we answer your questions and give you some tips so that our pets feel good during the trip.

Traffic regulations dictate that animals must be well attached to the vehicle to prevent them from interfering with your driving. So the dog can never travel loose in the car, you should always use a clamping system suitable.

As the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), when you travel with dogs inside the vehicle, a barrier or separator will be placed to prevent it from causing discomfort or causing distractions.

So if pets they are small they must go in their carrier on the floor of the vehicle. If it is large, it is best to place the carrier in the trunk, specifically in a transverse position to the direction of travel. In this case, it is preferable, for greater safety, to combine this system with the dividing grid. Or, if you do it on the seats, properly secured, you will have to do it by a dog harness, belt, or safety seat.

Also, pets too they need to rest. The break will be a good time to rest and hydrate the animal.

It’s a good idea keep windows ajar and never leave the dog inside the vehicle. However, the dog should be prevented from sticking its head out, as it could cause otitis or conjunctivitis.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to travel in the car with your dog or another pet, you must take all your documentation in order, since its presentation in any routine control may be required.

In case of traveling without adequate restraint, it is a a lot of 80 euros -without withdrawal of points-, and if the animal travels on the driver’s lap or totally loose in the passenger compartment, they carry fines of 500 euros Y six points on the driving license, or 200 euros, respectively.

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