How to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats

Have little time to Cook It cannot be synonymous with “eating anything” or an excuse for choosing unhealthy products with refined flours, added sugars, and saturated fat. When organizing the weekly menu, it is as important to plan the type of dishes or recipes that we plan to prepare as to choose the ones. ingredients healthier for it. Vegetables, vegetables, fruits and legumes have to occupy a privileged place in our shopping basket as well as the quality proteins contained in eggs, fish and lean meats.

But it is also important that we do not forget to include the fats Well, contrary to popular belief, fats are essential for our body because the energy they provide is much more durable than that we obtain from carbohydrates. Of course, when consuming foods with fat, not just any fat is worth it. “The unsaturated fats they are healthy because they maintain their pure state, that is, no other organism has previously transformed them. In this way our body makes the most of them ”, clarifies Charles Orrico, nutritionist at Fit Club Madrid. In fact, this type of fat is the one that is important in the diet because it not only provides energy to the body, but is also part of the structure of cell membranes transporting the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) up to the cells. They also maintain a very optimal healthy level in our skin.

That is why when choosing food it is important to evaluate the origin of these fats. For example, a large part of the saturated fat that we find in supermarkets comes from food ultra-processed, according to Orrico. “On the product label we can easily see where they come from. We can see it both in the ingredients and in the nutritional values. If concepts such as ‘sunflower oil, corn, soy’ are mentioned in the ingredients, it means that they are fats that are easy to oxidize in the face of heat, so they should not be used for cooking, “he clarifies.

Other fats that harm health are called “Trans fat”, a type of artificial fat created from the hydrogenation of vegetable fats. The objective of using these fats in products is to extend the life of the processed ones, but in reality they are not recommended for consumption (we find them in some margarines, cookies and industrial pastries), although the Fit Club Madrid expert clarifies that some Saturated fats like those found in butter, coconut, and cheese can also be considered healthy.

Foods with good fats

Some foods with healthy fats that are important for the proper functioning of the body are, according to Orrico, olive oil, avocado, almonds and other natural nuts such as walnuts, butter, cheese and blue fish that contain Omega 3.

The fats monoinsaturadas, which contains olive oil, nuts or egg yolk are responsible for helping us reduce bad cholesterol without reducing good cholesterol; The fats polyunsaturated like those of the omega 3 and omega 6 group (legumes, fish, also oils and nuts) they are important for different physiological functions. And the natural saturated (not ultra-processed products) are found in butter, milk (whole), and fatty meats.

Of course, the expert clarifies that it is also important to bear in mind that we must control their consumption since, although they are healthy, they are high in calories (9 calories for each gram of fat). In the event that we are following a diet advised by a professional and that is focused on weight loss, the ideal would be, as he argues, to have control of the total amount that is consumed to achieve our goals.

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