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The arrival of Isabel Diaz Ayuso to the national convention of the PP has been like that of a star. Dozens of journalists have pounced on her to find out what message she wanted to convey in this conclave of the PP, made to measure Pablo Casado to reinforce its leadership and its national project. Ayuso has chosen not to make statements upon arrival, but has assured that his message would be one of unity. Dozens of people were waiting to show their support with applause and shouts of “President, President.” Before the plenary of the convention, Ayuso has managed to lift everyone from their seats by expressing his full support for Casado. “I am clear about my place,” he said.

Ayuso arrived at 12.30, about two hours after the Valencia convention started. He has not been able to hear Mayor Almeida, but he has heard the Secretary General, Teodoro García Egea. His recent trip to the United States was noted in his gesture, of visible fatigue. During the intervention of number two of Casado, the public cheered Ayuso for his victory in Madrid, just as he did with Feijóo and Moreno, for his triumphs in Galicia and Andalusia.

The President of the Community of Madrid He has participated in the table of regional presidents that Genoa has organized, along with the rest of the barons, including that of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas. None of them have been able to speak for more than 10 minutes. Before taking the floor, Ayuso received a strong ovation from the public, but not everyone stood up. One of those who were going to get up from his seat was going to be Felipe Calderón, sitting to Casado’s left, but everyone has been able to see how the leader of the PP has grabbed his arm so that he would remain seated, in a very gesture commented.

Ayuso has spoken for about 10 minutes, like the rest of his teammates. He has defended his model of Government of freedom and has highlighted the electoral victory of May 4.

When it seemed that he was not going to get out of that defense of ‘his’ model of Government, he has released what has sounded like a bomb, which has allowed Genoa to breathe. The breath of relief from the national leadership is almost heard throughout the auditorium.

Ayuso recalled how a month ago I transferred her intention to be president of the PP in Madrid, a gesture that led to an internal war in the party and a growing malaise in Genoa, because the congress was not convened, and what it was achieving was to overshadow the Casado convention.

But Ayuso wanted it to be very clear how she has always been by Casado’s side, since she trusted in New Generations in Madrid. “I didn’t hesitate.” He also did not hesitate to be by his side when he was a spokesperson. And when Casado took a step forward to renew the PP and trusted her for the Community of Madrid, he did not hesitate and was with him, as he explained. At that point, there was absolute silence in the auditorium, waiting for what would come next.

What came was a full endorsement of Casado. Ayuso thanked her for trusting in her for the Community of Madrid because it was the greatest opportunity of her life. “Today I want to make it clear to you that I am perfectly clear where my place is”; has underlined. “I will do my best for Madrid, because Madrid is Spain, and we need you to become the president of the Government.” The auditorium collapsed at that moment of closing of lines.

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