“I do not live life in numbers or in calendars”




Few presentations needed Thalia Sodi. Her long career in the world of interpretation and music from a very young age, endorse this incombustible artist and make her one of the most influential Latinas in the world. Next year he will turn 50 and he continues to have the same desire – or even more – to reinvent himself and continue to spread his joy. «I wake up every day with the opportunity to know new things. I do not live life in numbers or in calendars, but in moments that can fill my soul with love, light and positivism ”, Thalía tells ABC. This philosophy has led her to try her luck with almost everything. He even jokes with the idea of ​​setting up a taco stand although, for the moment, he will liven up these Christmas parties with a dance version of the classic “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano.

She will spend these dates at her home in New York with her husband, Tommy Mottola, and their two children: Sabrina Sakaë, 13 years old, and Matthew Alejandro, from 9. «We will create dreams, beautiful stories and cook. My family has those two cultures (Italian and Mexican), and our Christmases are very fun: between Frank Sinatra, Vicente Fernandez, pasta, mole, Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men … all traditions are valid “, says the artist, who has sold more than 40 million records.

Although she loves to experiment, she is clear that her husband is better suited to the kitchen: «I prefer to watch him cook, I am a very good mixologist. We complement each other”. That culinary facet of the businessman was something that Thalía fell in love with, because as she admits, she conquers her stomach. Mottola knows this well after celebrating 20 years of marriage. «It has been a fantastic adventure, we have grown together. We are the parents of two fantastic little ones who are the best version of us. I am grateful to God who has allowed me to find love from the hand of my Tommy, “she says. He came into his life after several romantic failures, endless rumors of romances -among them with Luis Miguel Y Maradona-, and the loss of what was one of his great loves: Alfredo Diaz Ordaz.

With Mottola he overcame the death of his mother in 2011 and Lyme disease, which almost cost him his life. The arrival of their children was the finishing touch to their relationship, although they will not follow in their footsteps: “They have a much more developed creative side in terms of animation, digital, programming … Maybe they direct their own films.”

Far from putting his life on hold during confinement, like other artists, he already has new projects and at least two others on his mind. It’s in their genes. You may soon agree to finally star in one of the many offers to make your biopic. “There are many facets of me and a lot of history, and I’m not ready to do it yet,” she admits. Meanwhile, she will continue to magnify the myth that she is today and with the possibility of being able to say that she is still practically the same Thalía as always: «There remains that essence of that shy, silent, mischievous and outgoing, curious girl … All those facets They will always be part of me, although there are things that I have discarded from my behavior patterns.

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