“I trust it will be a fair trial”




The retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has affirmed on his arrival this Wednesday at the headquarters of the National Court where he will be tried by three separate pieces of the macro-case against him, that he is calm: “I trust that it will be a fair trial ».

Speaking to the media at the entrance to the court, in San Fernando de Henares, he said he hoped that the oral hearing that is now beginning “is not a folkloric justice” or a “lynching.”

«I fervently believe in the independence of the judges and I am very calm. This is a guaranteeing State and I trust that the vast majority of judges and prosecutors in this country are independent and due to the many pressures that I know they have all received, I trust that it will be a fair trial, “he assured.

And of the prosecutors, the commissioner, for whom Anti-Corruption requests a little more than 109 years in prison in these first three separate pieces to trial, rules out any approach or negotiation for an agreement. “No never. Why? We are innocent, “he said.

“Understand that I have not been treated as an alleged criminal, I have been treated as an enemy that must be annihilated (…) but I have never been afraid,” he added, to stress that ” fear poisons hearts ».

Upon his arrival, Villarejo had the opportunity to come face to face with some of the defendants who, in another time, were part of his circle of trust and who three years of judicial investigation later, have denied him in every possible way. . Of note, for example, is the cold greeting that he has exchanged with the former head of the Central Operational Support Unit, Commissioner Enrique García Castaño; or with one of the lawyers who worked for their companies and who now also sits on the bench.

The trial is held by a court chaired by Magistrate Ángela Murillo, from the Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, and will see minor crimes compared to those that are incidentally attributed to Villarejo, such as criminal organization or money laundering. , and that they are still under investigation in the Central Court 6.

It is, however, a first temperature measurement of the investigation and specifically, of the validity of evidence such as the famous audios of the commissioner or the edges of the bribery crime attributed to him in its active and / or passive mode.

Three minor pieces are on trial: Iron, a commission for a law firm; Land that it was for a wealthy family and Painter, made in theory for a businessman friend of Villarejo. 27 people sit on the bench, including the commissioner’s wife and son, and 4 companies.

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